Executive leadership conference: Where to get the most from an executive leadership conference

Executive leadership conference? This item in your agenda book can call up inspiring and motivating moments from past get-togethers. A well-organized executive leadership conference can truly be a memorable moment, even a transformative experience. Or not. Unfortunately, leadership conferences billed as once in a lifetime events can sometimes turn out to be rather forgettable affairs.

It doesn't have to be that way. A good executive leadership conference really can have a lasting impact on the way you lead, providing you with information and contacts you can immediately act on to benefit both you and your organization. The trick with selecting the right kind of executive leadership conference starts with finding one of the top business schools in the world. It makes sense to research good business schools and to compare the skills, learning and networking delivered by their leadership conferences.

Starting with the best
You will get the best returns from an executive leadership conference organized by one of the top international business schools, particularly one that specializes in executive education. Rankings provided annually by independent, authoritative sources such as the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist offer help by rating accredited institutions. Such rankings identify the top business schools overall and evaluate other facets of business management education, from leadership programs to board of directors training.

You can be confident that a top-ranked business school, one that consistently scores highly in comparative surveys and that updates and innovates its operations, will be best-placed to offer a world-class executive leadership conference.

What do rankings tell you?
Rankings that use precise methodology can tell you a lot about the operations of top business schools. Experts evaluate criteria such as corporate leadership training, career progress, global perspective, innovative managers training and research activity. A top-ranked business school has the depth of experience needed to put on first-class leadership conferences and other management training programs that serve businesses well.

Features to look for at schools for business management that excel in leadership training programs include:

Executive leadership conferences that fit the bill
Your challenges and responsibilities change as your career progresses, as do your requirements from leadership conferences and other management training programs. The best business schools offer leadership conferences that meet the needs of executives at different levels. It is worthwhile for you to also consider what kind of conferences can be most rewarding for you.

Some leadership conferences offer immediate value by addressing issues related to your own challenges and putting your leadership skills to the test. Others offer hands-on learning through leadership exercises, leadership coaching, leadership training workshops and projects. Another option is team leadership training, which looks beyond the individual to shared experiences. And in an increasingly interconnected international marketplace, the best leadership conferences are attuned to the realities of globalization and the mega trends shaping your company's future. Look for top international business schools with intellectual and cultural diversity to address your expectations from an executive leadership conference.


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