Executive assessment: Find out how your leadership skills stack up through an executive assessment

Executive assessment tools rate your global leadership skills against those of the competition. Whether you are a high-potential manager or a senior business leader, an executive assessment lets you know where you stand. In an objective, non-judgmental way, it identifies your strengths and gives you a fix on areas where you have room to grow your leadership competencies.

Different kinds of executive assessment are available, depending on your situation. But well-designed executive assessment tools can help you at any level to discover whether your leadership and management skills are up to date. At some of the best business schools in the world executive assessment is an important part of executive development programs designed to provide you with leadership skills training every step of the way.

Compare yourself to other executives
How do you know if your leadership skills stand out? How well prepared are you to drive change in your organization? A leadership assessment survey can give you the answers to these and other questions.

Look for the best kinds of survey to compare your global leadership capabilities with those of thousands of executives around the world in key areas such as:

Find out more about yourself
Among other things, a leadership assessment offers you vital information about yourself. The results allow you to draft a personalized leadership development plan, setting out the next steps to take to improve as a leader.

This is a handy way to learn whether you need to build critical capabilities that most business managers at your level already have. Certain kinds of leadership test even allow you to invite specific people to see how good they are compared to you.

Get feedback from people around you
Other types of leader assessment promote personal development by exploring your people skills. Through 360 degree assessments, for example, you get direct feedback from those who work all around you, including peers, stakeholders — and your boss.

Properly executed, a 360 assessment is a non-confrontational way of learning more about the impact you are making on the people who work for you and the people you work for. A top-ranked business school can ensure that such an assessment is compiled only after asking the right questions. It will allow you time to develop your own response and figure out what skills you need — and how executive education can help — to strengthen your position as a business leader.

Deepen your organization’s talent pool
Executive assessment can help the talent development program of an organization by identifying the leadership skills training and leadership coaching needed to fill competency gaps. It can enable your company to size up business managers with budding leadership competencies and fine-tune the management training programs that can help them to progress.

The best executive assessment doesn’t directly evaluate your performance on the job. It assesses your leadership skills and management skills at a given moment and these will naturally evolve as your career progresses. Leading international business schools provide leadership assessments that allow you personally and organizationally to focus on the right management training to maximize your potential.

Accentuate the positive
Assessing your skills shouldn’t be a bruising or deflating experience. The end goal is to provide a constructive analysis of what you are good at and how you can address weaknesses in a positive way.

Bottom line: Whether you are an ambitious business manager seeking greater responsibilities or an established executive, you can drive better performance through executive assessment.


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