Finance courses

Finance courses can help you stay on top of the game when faced with today’s challenges in strategic finance. But it’s important to find finance courses that meet and build on your level of expertise and address your specific needs. Choose a poor quality course - or one geared for people too junior or senior compared to you - and the only experience you’ll come away with is disappointment. (...) Read more about Finance courses.

Asset management training

Asset management training is valuable both for young managers moving from functional to decision-making roles and for senior asset managers to keep their skills sharp and stay entirely current on the global environment. After all, asset management is extremely complex- and will only become more so. In addition to excellent strategic management and optimization of assets, responsible asset management requires 100% firm knowledge of national and international regulatory requirements and legislation. (...) Read more about Asset management training.

Best finance schools

The best finance schools undoubtedly offer great finance programs - but have you considered that a top business school might offer something equally good, or even better? (...) Read more about Best finance schools.

Business finance course

Business finance course options abound. But not all business finance course programs provide the same value for the time and money invested. A well-designed business finance course gives you the skills to make the best decisions for the future financial performance of your company. (...) Read more about Business finance course.

Business finance degree

A business finance degree can be an excellent way to boost your career and reach your goals for creating value for your organization through financial excellence. To get the most out of it, you want a finance course that offers truly relevant skills development with teaching from top experts. If you target the top business schools in the world, there are some clear gains to be had from your business finance degree. (...) Read more about Business finance degree.

Corporate finance course

A corporate finance course can help you gain more confidence in your business decisions, knowing you have covered all the angles. An effective corporate finance course can refresh and broaden your understanding of the newest financial concept and refine your existing financial skills. (...) Read more about Corporate finance course.

Corporate finance courses

Corporate finance courses offer a golden opportunity for senior financial and business executives to refresh and broaden their understanding of the newest financial concepts and tools. Corporate finance courses also allow you to hone your existing financial skills. But let’s be clear, not all corporate finance courses are created equal. (...) Read more about Corporate finance courses.

Corporate finance training

Corporate finance training offers great benefit to financial and business executives any time they are ready to refine their skills and refresh and broaden their knowledge of the latest financial concepts. But what about using such training to tackle a particular challenge? Let’s look at some critical finance challenges and see how you can get a boost from corporate finance training. (...) Read more about Corporate finance training.

Executive education, finance

In executive education, finance is one of the most critical topics you will tackle. If you are a senior finance executive dedicated to creating value for your organization through financial excellence, you want to target the most relevant skills development with the guidance of some of the world’s top experts. How can you know that’s what you’re getting? Your best strategy is to head to one of the top business schools in the world and then ensure you find strategies to boost key skills in their programs for executive education, finance. (...) Read more about Executive education, finance.

Finance business training

Finance business training can give you the skills to create value for your company and to boost its financial performance. The best finance business training can increase your confidence as a senior financial or business executive in making the right financial decisions for your organization. (...) Read more about Finance business training.

Financial courses

Financial courses can help you add value to your company and successfully overcome specific financial challenges. For example, your CEO may be looking to you and your team to create shareholder value. You may be involved in a complicated merger and acquisition process. You may need to assess the risk of doing business in other countries, or decide on the best project investment your company should make. (...) Read more about Financial courses.

Finance training

Finance training is a useful way for all executives, not just finance executives, to improve the financial performance of their organizations. Good finance training programs will refresh and broaden your understanding of the newest financial concepts, and provide practical skills and tools to create value for your company. Indeed, companies focused on success in the long-term should invest in finance courses for all key executives. (...) Read more about Finance training.

Finance training programs

Finance training programs can help give you an edge. High-impact finance training programs refresh and broaden your understanding of the newest financial concepts and tools, and empower you to create value for your company and boost its financial performance. (...) Read more about Finance training programs.

Financial modelling courses

Financial modelling courses give you the skills to test different scenarios and make the best decisions for the future financial performance of your company. Of course, some financial modelling courses are better than others. If you are exploring the options, here are some thoughts on what to look for. (...) Read more about Financial modelling courses.

M&A training

M&A training is designed to help prepare you for one of the most critical challenges you'll ever face in your general management career. Though an M&A is a central event towards company's overall objectives, there are numerous potential issues. And they're different every time: value, liabilities, business model rebuilding, short-term fluctuations, cash flow, maintaining shareholder confidence, to name a few. That's why it's important to get the right mergers and acquisitions training: you must be extremely prepared, even the very first time you lead an M&A. (...) Read more about M&A training.

Mergers and acquisitions training

Mergers and acquisitions training can help you to create the best shareholder value in an M&A. Even senior financial and business executives can further develop their skills for winning mergers and acquisitions strategies. It’s the opportunity to review key strategies, learn to best value target companies, and develop clearer insight into the entire process – from motive to target to integration. You’ll be ready for action with quality mergers and acquisitions training from a top business school. (...) Read more about Mergers and acquisitions training.

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