Business management career: Charting the best path for your business management career

Business management career? There is no shortage of options available for those who want to pursue a business management career. But in an increasingly complex, globalized world you should think carefully about the kind of management training you need to maximize your opportunities.

A top international business school can offer the best preparation for a business management career that can be both challenging and enriching.Look in particular for institutions focused on executive education with a global perspective, supported by an international faculty with experience in the real business world.

Training on the job can of course advance your career. But you risk missing out on the latest developments in international business management. Plus, you will lose out on the opportunity to rub elbows with your peers and to gain invaluable networking opportunities available at the best business administration schools.

A Master of Business Administration, an Executive MBA, or dedicated management training courses can put you on track. But a business management career can take many forms and it is important to evaluate your needsbefore making a decision on the appropriate management training. Let's consider four levels of business managers.

First, there are those who manage projects or a small team within a function. Such people are generally at the beginning of their business management career. These managers can benefit from project management training and leadership training, to hone the skills they need for the job they currently do. Ongoing training in their specific function may also be a good idea.

Once you've proved your capability, the next step in your business management career is likely to be made a functional manager. Here you may benefit from additional training to further strengthen your management and leadership skills, as you move further away from working on projects and more towards running the function. Indeed, good leadership training will help you lead with greater influence, and equip you to take on greater responsibilities with greater confidence.

The next business management career step is to move out of your area of expertise and into business leadership and general management. Here you will need to develop your skills in other functions - both in terms of understanding these functions and in managing across functions to deliver results. This transition is quite difficult, and can be helped by appropriate business management training.

Once you've become a senior executive - or even CEO or board member - you can still benefit from continued executive education. Maybe you need to develop a completely new business strategy, or ideas for uncovering new opportunities. Maybe your negotiation skills could do with a little honing. Or maybe you'd like to drive your board to deliver higher value for the company. Targeting business management training for your high level can help.

The bottom line is, do your homework before deciding what business courses to take. Check the ratings of independent, respected authorities such as the Financial Times, The Economist and Forbes to find out what international business schools are globally recognized. Then get ready to move forward in your business management career!


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