Masters programs in education: Enhance your career with masters programs in education for business executives

Masters programs in education allow you to enhance your skills and knowledge and hence your career progress. Master programs in business education - such as Business Administration degrees like a 1 Year MBA or part-time EMBA programs - are particularly helpful for experienced business managers wishing to move up to general management. Such degrees in business hone your international business management and leadership skills, and provide lasting value from your investment in masters programs in education.

Meet tomorrow's challenges with masters programs in education
The world is in rapid change. Business education Masters programs allow leaders and corporations to continue to meet business objectives and prepare for the future - even in face of this change.

Good master programs in executive education include training in all aspects of international business management, including leadership courses and leadership coaching, finance courses, business management training, marketing classes, negotiation skills training, business development strategy and corporate governance training.

The IMD Executive MBA
The Executive MBA offered by IMD business school is one of the best masters programs in education for business executives in the world - and with good reason. IMD is one of the world's top business management schools, ranked highly by independent authorities like The Financial Times and Forbes. Our 1 year MBA and Executive MBA program also rank highly in part time MBA rankings and EMBA rankings.

IMD's learning methods
IMD masters programs in education - and indeed all our management training programs - are built on the following foundations:

  • Real World. Real Learning: Unlike many other institutions - even many other good business schools - IMD is 100% dedicated to high-impact executive education. IMD's management training programs provide solutions for real business challenges and inspire high performance leadership. Our Faculty members combine thought leadership and extensive practical experience.
  • Global excellence: Based in Switzerland and also operating out of key locations worldwide, we share our host nation's commitment to excellence while offering a unique global experience. Every year, over 8,000 executives from 98 countries come to IMD, and more than 34 different nationalities are represented in the IMD Faculty and staff.
  • A flexible, customized and effective approach: We are constantly innovating to give you the management training programs you need, where and how you need them. Starting from our own pioneering approaches - such as action learning and blended learning - our programs are adapted to address your individual challenges. Our only goal is to meet your needs as quickly, flexibly and effectively as possible.

So discover the IMD Executive MBA - and the benefits of our masters programs in education for business executives!


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