Masters education programs: Make a career step-change with masters education programs

Masters education programs can be the launch pad you're looking for to move your career to a new level. If general management is your goal, you're likely focusing on business administration degrees - either an MBA or an Executive MBA. Here are some ideas to help you determine which of these is best for you and, beyond that, what to expect from a quality program. After all, this doesn't come free. The costs are high in terms of energy, time and finance -and you want to be sure of the best ROI in masters education programs.

Choosing between an MBA or EMBA
The key to establishing if an Executive MBA or full-time MBA is right for you is to look at your current position in your career and life. A full-time Master Business Administration at a top-ranked business school - especially for a 1-year MBA - means intense immersion into advanced learning. It's a great choice if you're a high-potential early-career manager and have the flexibility in your life to give it 100% for one or two years.

EMBA candidates are usually more experienced business professionals. EMBA programs combine study with your work, so you'll need support from your company. Other factors in your life such as your family and your spouse's career are also important. An Executive Master Business Administration means the door to masters education programs never closes if you have support from those around you and you're willing to work hard.

Whether you are seeking an MBA or an EMBA, your best ROI will be found at the top business schools in the world. Check out the independent executive education rankings from sources like the Financial Times, Forbes, and The Economist. The best business management schools stand out in these rankings for things like diversity, professor research activity, and graduate salary and career progress. Their masters education programs are rigorous and action-oriented. They cover business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution. Business administration degrees from such schools give you the goods to be a global leader who drives business results - today and tomorrow.

Hallmarks of quality business masters education programs:

  • Fundamentals and more: Masters education programs for business executives should solidify your grounding in the basic building blocks like finance, marketing, and business development strategy. Then they need to take you beyond, to a firm understanding of the forces shaping the future of global business.
  • True leadership: Stand-out master business administration programs tackle leadership skills on three fronts - individual, company and global. They train you through techniques like leadership exercises and leadership coaching so you become an effective, self-confident and self-aware leader ready for general management.
  • Global perspective: Top international business schools put you on the global scene with diverse faculty and students - you'll share and compare perspectives from different geographies, industries and approaches. On top of that, you'll benefit greatly if you focus in on masters education programs that offer learning through experiences like consulting projects and discovery expeditions to new hotbeds of global change.
  • Learn to learn: Make the most of your future business and educational experience. Look for an MBA or Executive MBA program that hones your ability to leverage every challenge to expand skills and knowledge. In a world of accelerating change, this is an essential value-added for masters education programs.


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