Master of Business Administration
The skills to know, the confidence to act, the humility to lead

Master Business Administration: The degree that helps you master business administration

Master business administration, inject leadership energy into your career and deliver more value to your organization. Is this your goal? Then consider a world-class Master Business Administration (MBA) or Executive Master Business Administration (EMBA) from IMD, one of the top business schools in the world.

IMD’s Executive Master Business Administration

Master Business Administration degrees are not all created equal. When you are investing your valuable time and money, you want to choose a degree program that offers knowledge for life and real return on investment. This is what IMD’s Executive Master Business Management provides.

The IMD EMBA is a rigorous, action-oriented program focussed on business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution. It offers you the skills you need to be a global business leader able to drive change and meet the complex challenges faced by organizations - today and tomorrow. Read on to discover the lasting value of IMD’s Executive Master Business Administration program.

Ideas into action

IMD’s EMBA takes you beyond the basics to a true understanding of the forces that will shape business in the future. By mastering business and leadership skills in three dimensions – company, individual and global – you’ll become a more effective, self-confident and self-aware member of a general management team.

Immediate value

The practice orientated approach of IMD’s Executive Master Business Administration means what you learn is usable on the job, right away. This will show as you bring immediate benefits to your company through company-specific assignments.

Experience globalization

During the IMD Executive Master Business Administration program, you’ll travel to Mumbai, Shanghai and Silicon Valley where you’ll work with leading-edge, fast-growing companies and meet a huge range of people. These Discovery Expeditions will give you hands-on insights into both business and daily life in these three exciting locations, as well as new ideas for your own company.

Flexible to fit your life

Business courses can sometimes disrupt your career - not to mention your life. The IMD EMBA minimizes such disruptions as much as possible. Built around onsite modules and distance learning, the flexible structure enables you to remain with your company throughout. There’s just 10.5 weeks out of the office, and you can complete the program in as few as 15 months.

Life-long learning

IMD’s EMBA program also focuses on the process of learning itself, perfecting your ability to investigate, discover and evaluate new ideas and trends throughout your career. In a world of accelerating change, the ability to continually access, develop and renew the right knowledge is critical if you want to continually master business management.

MBA or EMBA – which is right for you?

Where you are in your career is the key to whether an Executive MBA or full-time MBA suits your needs. If you are a high-potential manager at an early stage of your career and want an MBA to leverage career change or advancement, a full-time Master Business Administration program will best suit your needs.

An EMBA is for more experienced professionals with at least 10 years of solid business experience. It also requires company support as you combine study with your work. If you have substantial business experience and want to study without leaving your job, then the best degree for you is an Executive Master Business Administration.


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 Ensure that you master the fundamentals needed in business today

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Increase your self-awareness to select adequate responses to business challenges

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 Recognize your moral compass when navigating organizational contexts

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Acquire confidence by addressing real issues and interacting with IMD’s network

Triple accreditation

The IMD MBA Program is internationally recognized by accreditation institutes and is consistently ranked among the best for Return on Investment.

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