Graduate programs education: Target the right graduate programs education

Graduate programs education focused on business management offers a breadth of possibilities for boosting your career. There are a number of factors to take into account when looking for such management training courses. Here are some thoughts to help guide you through considerations on graduate programs education.

What's to gain and when should I make time for graduate programs education?
There are no rules. Increasing your business knowledge and strengthening your leadership skills will be beneficial throughout your career. Indeed, the best learners are lifelong learners. But different sorts of graduate programs education will bring you different value at different times. Here are some examples of the types of business administration programs you could take and when:

  • Business management courses can help you prepare to take on greater responsibility and move from "young manager"(5-10 years business experience) to "emerging leader". For even greater impact, you may want to round out your undergraduate education and business experience with a 1 year MBA.
  • As an experienced manager with around 10yearsunder your belt, you must drive business performance in a fast-changing global environment. Graduate programs education – like an Executive MBA or other training in international business management – can strengthen your strategy and leadership skills and build your global knowledge and networks. This will not only help you perform better in your current job, but prepare you to make the transition to business leader.
  • At different points throughout your career, specific challenges will come to the fore: business development, strategy, finance, sustainability, operations, leadership and more. You can leverage targeted graduate programs education to sharpen the specific skills you need to find solutions to your particular challenge.
  • Think it's time to stop when you're a senior executive or CEO? Hardly. You need to continue to leverage opportunities, lead with conviction and drive innovation. Top international business schools offer graduate programs education specifically for the most senior global leaders.

I'm ready for graduate programs education. Should I take an MBA, Executive MBA or executive education program?
When it comes to choosing between an Executive MBA or full-time MBA, you need to consider your career level. EMBA programs are a great choice if you have substantial business experience, support from your employer and you want to study without leaving your job. You'll balance study and work, and take on company-related assignments.

If you are a high-potential young manager shooting for career change or advancement, a full-time MBA program is a great choice for graduate programs education. Consider 1 year MBA programs from good business schools: less time away from working but still offering great challenges and great results.

Many business schools also offer shorter executive programs ranging from a few days to several weeks. These programs can strengthen specific skills and also prepare you for more senior positions. At some schools, executive programs are a stepping stone to an Executive MBA - a great way to gain knowledge and skills in a shorter time before embarking on a longer graduate program.

What should I expect from graduate programs education at good business schools?
Top international business schools bring together world-class faculty, global perspectives and innovative approaches to develop challenging graduate programs education that meets the needs of global executives. Your business classes should focus on mastering high level business knowledge, strategy and leadership skills – so you learn how to find ideas and then turn them into action.

  • Focus on the most critical themes in international business today and tomorrow: globalization, leadership, strategy and execution.
  • Gain skills to use on the job right away with company-related assignments and a practical approach.
  • Flexibly combine cutting-edge learning techniques from e-learning to hands-on experiential learning like leadership exercises and leadership coaching.
  • Learn to learn: Leverage the right new ideas so every business experience hones your skills and you know when the time is right for the next round of graduate programs education.


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