Executive MBA without GMAT: Yes, you can get a great Executive MBA without GMAT

An Executive MBA without GMAT is not only possible, you may even find you have a superior education with broader perspectives. Some of the best business schools in the world offer the Executive MBA without GMAT – and it doesn't mean they expect less, or offer less. These schools may base their admissions on criteria that considers candidates in more dynamic terms. They may offer more personalized Executive MBA programs, with smaller classes. Here is a look at how you can access a top quality Executive MBA without GMAT.

Why seek an Executive MBA without GMAT
The key reason experienced managers decide to pursue an Executive MBA is that they are motivated to further their careers and drive business results in a fast-changing global environment. An Executive MBA boosts your leadership skills so you better inspire your team, sharpens your analytical and strategic skills, and may help you build a global network. As a general management executive, taking the Executive MBA is an investment in time, energy and finances. Your company may be making this investment with you. At this stage of your career, you may wonder what a GMAT really says about you. An Executive MBA without GMAT lets you focus your time and energy into solidifying your skills through your executive education.

What is important for your business school application, for an Executive MBA without GMAT If GMAT scores don't define you, what does? You are a driven executive who brings strong business acumen, leadership skills, creativity and life experience. For an Executive MBA without GMAT, you need to get that message across to an admissions committee through your business school application. Among the things that will be asked of you are recommendation letters, a motivational essay and an interview.

  • Recommendation letter: Have your recommendation letters written by someone who really knows you and respects you – that is more important than them having a fancy title. Show diversity in your choices.
  • Essay: A well-written essay could be what opens the door to the interview. It is your chance to communicate your experience, skills and values, as well as what an Executive MBA means to you.
  • Interview: As a business leader, you will find yourself put on the spot – often. The interview is like that too, so you had better be ready to show your mettle. Prepare well through self-reflection and mock interviews.

Top international and top European business schools
Among the business schools that offer the Executive MBA without GMAT are many of the top international business schools. Executive MBA programs at these schools have several dimensions that are worth considering. These programs aim to develop high-performance leadership by drawing upon a wide-seeing body of knowledge in the international business arena. They are designed with the needs of the global business world in mind – so that you bring your executive education back to your company right away and are better prepared for a future as a top global leader. Many international business schools emphasize diversity in building an Executive MBA class, giving you the bonus of a rich international experience.

Executive education rankings
The Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist are among the most highly-reputed independent executive education rankings publishers. Their professionally-designed rankings compare factors like diversity, graduate salary and career progress. Based on this, they determine the best business schools in the world overall and in certain subcategories including Executive MBA. These rankings will help you identify the schools, notably the top international and top European business schools, that can offer you a truly impactful Executive MBA without GMAT.


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