Executive EMBA vs MBA: Assessing the best business degree options — Executive EMBA vs MBA

Executive MBA vs MBA: you may be wondering which of the business administration degrees is best for you. Without doubt, both degrees can provide you with new knowledge and management skills to advance your career.

Either program offered by one of the top international business schools could help you move ahead of the competition. But the Executive MBA vs MBA choice ultimately boils down to how much experience you have as an executive. Deciding the Executive MBA vs MBA question also hinges on how much time you are able to sacrifice from your job and whether you can either temporarily or permanently give it up.

Executive MBA vs MBA: a question of degree
The decision on which of the degrees in business meets your needs depends on your career level. If you are a talented young manager, you can benefit from a 1 year MBA to gain valuable new skills either by taking a break in your career or by arranging with your employer to take 12 months off.

EMBA programs are generally meant for business managers with at least 10 years of international experience and the full support of their companies. Top business schools typically offer such management training programs in a flexible way that allows you to complete the degree without giving up your job.

Who offers quality MBA programs?
Plenty of institutions offer Master Business Administration programs but the best are those offered by top-ranked business schools. Respected, independent authorities such as Forbes, the Financial Times and The Economist regularly publish executive education rankings.

These rankings provide a reliable indicator of the top international business schools and their executive training programs, including MBA and EMBA programs. To stay at the top of the charts, institutions have to constantly innovate and update their programs, ensuring that their business degree courses stay relevant and at the cutting edge of management thought.

What to expect from a top MBA program
You should expect a reputable MBA program offered by a top-ranked business school to focus on self-awareness and self-development. As a participant you can anticipate working with teams and benefiting from intensive leadership coaching.

A good 1 year MBA offers courses focused on:

  • Learning you can apply directly to the business world rather than abstract theories
  • Leadership development that allows your through interaction with groups to hone management skills
  • High-impact education with a global perspective that will prepare you to confront the forces impacting the future of business

Going further with an EMBA
Best EMBA programs allow experienced executives to gain a degree in as few as 15 months with minimal time away from the office, thanks to distance learning and company-specific assignments. A top Executive MBA program will take you beyond business fundamentals to sharpen your leadership skills and bring immediate benefits to your company through knowledge you can instantly put to use.

You can also expect a focus on strategy and globalization. Some of the best programs offer trips to different parts of the world, such as China, India and Silicon Valley, where you can learn first hand how leading companies operate in the global marketplace. And as an added plus, some allow admission without having to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Ultimately, both kinds of business administration degrees can help executives accelerate their careers. About that there can be no argument over Executive MBA vs MBA.


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