Executive MBA programs: Boost your career with one of the best executive MBA programs

Executive MBA programs offer an opportunity for business managers to prepare for senior leadership positions with greater responsibilities — and greater rewards. Executive MBA programs from top international business schools can certainly expand your knowledge and competencies to take your career to the next level.

But not all Executive MBA programs deliver the same level of executive education. If you hope to benefit from one of the best Executive MBA programs it is worth keeping the following things in mind.

Who are Executive MBA programs for?
Executive MBA programs are usually designed for experienced business managers, who want to pursue management training without sacrificing their jobs. In the most ideal situations, you can finish EMBA programs in as little as 15 months with minimal time off work.

That shouldn't mean that standards have to be lowered. Top Executive MBA programs are rigorous, action-oriented training and development programs that require hard work and intellectual ability. Normally you will also need the support from your company or organization as you combine studies with work.

What should you expect from Executive MBA programs?
You should expect to be stimulated, challenged and rewarded by Executive MBA programs offered by good business schools. And you can count on better results from EMBA programs that are developed in consultation with companies, keeping the needs of executives firmly in mind.

State-of-the-art distance learning and on-the-job assignments can ensure that you spend the least time possible away from the office. EMBA programs should include business degree courses that allow you to:

  • Boost your analytical skills and strategic leadership skills
  • Apply your new knowledge directly to drive results for your company
  • Transform ideas into action
  • Acquire a world-class MBA without giving up your job

How practical are leading Executive MBA programs?
As an experienced manager you have already learned a lot from your company and likely through previous corporate training. Good EMBA programs can take you further, giving you the latest management thought with a global perspective, as well as exposure to new world trends and business models.

Action-oriented Executive MBA programs should move you beyond the business basics to provide knowledge that enables you to better understand the forces shaping your organization's future. Typically, such programs focus on globalization, business fundamentals, leadership skills, business strategy and execution. You can expect programs from a top-ranked business school to include visits to different parts of the world to allow you to see first-hand how leading-edge companies operate in the global marketplace.

How flexible are Executive MBA programs?
Executive MBA programs are designed with the busy executive in mind so flexibility of delivery is key. Apart from distance learning and company-specific assignments, look for flexible scheduling of business courses.

Some business schools allow admission to their EMBA programs without having to take the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). The MBA no GMAT approach offers the convenience of avoiding having to take time away from work to prepare for such an exam.

Where can you find the best Executive MBA programs?
You can reliably expect to find the best EMBA programs at top-ranked business schools. The executive education rankings published by independent, authoritative sources such as the Financial Times, The Economist and Forbes provide a convenient way to quickly find out who's at the top — and who's not.

You can avoid being let down by seeking out a top-ranked business school. That narrows your choices and builds your chances for getting the greatest possible returns from Executive MBA programs.


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