EMBA without GMAT: Advance your career on the job through an EMBA without GMAT

EMBA without GMAT programs are for talented, internationally experienced executives who want to lead organizations. An Executive MBA degree from one of the top international business schools can give you advanced management training to put you ahead of the competition.

Many traditional Master Business Administration (MBA) programs for bright individuals with management potential require you to take a GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) to be admitted. But if you are a busy manager, already with a lot of experience under your belt, taking time out to prepare for a GMAT can be a major hassle, especially when you have a business to run. So EMBA without GMAT programs offer a way to earn an MBA that can advance your career without sacrificing your job.

Convenience without lowering standards
The EMBA without GMAT option doesn't have to mean that intellectual requirements will be less rigorous. On the contrary, the best EMBA programs are very selective about their participants. You need to be an experienced manager with proven executive leadership skills. Of course, it pays for you to be choosy, as well, about who is offering EMBA without GMAT programs you can count on.

Look for a top-ranked business school that focuses on executive education with a global perspective. Such institutions are best placed to understand the real needs of top managers and the organizations they work for. Independent, highly regarded authorities such as the Financial Times and The Economist annually rate the world's best business administration schools and their programs. Only schools that constantly innovate and remain at the cutting edge of management thought rank consistently at the top.

Flexibility that works for you
Studying for an EMBA without GMAT offers the advantage of avoiding taking an exam. But the best-designed EMBA programs also feature a flexible structure that allows you to gain new knowledge while taking minimal time out of the office. Some programs promise an Executive MBA in as little as 15 months thanks to latest state-off-the art teaching techniques.

Distance learning and video lectures can reduce time spent in the classroom. But top EMBA programs mix in face-to-face learning, company-specific projects and trips around the world that give you first-hand exposure to how the best businesses operate.

You can count on getting the best returns from your educational investment from EMBA without GMAT programs that are:

  • Rigorous, diverse and relevant to the globalized world
  • Designed to sharpen your leadership skills and drive knowledge into your organization
  • Execution-oriented with a focus on turning ideas into action

Fulfilling your potential
It goes without saying that you will benefit most from an EMBA without GMAT program that is stimulating, challenging and rewarding. The best management training programs allow you to immediately put to use what you have learned on the job with positive results for your company. Apart from mastering business concepts and honing your executive leadership skills, you should gain a sharp insight into the forces that are shaping your business.

Perhaps most importantly, an Executive MBA program should enable you to fulfill your potential, giving you the management training you need to take on greater challenges and more responsibility. Good business schools have an internationally diverse faculty who are at the cutting edge of management thought. They are equipped to help you cope with the realities of globalization and a marketplace without borders. All told, this is what you should expect from top business schools in the world offering an EMBA without GMAT.


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