EMBA rankings: IMD shines in EMBA rankings

EMBA rankings are an important consideration for fast-rising executives looking to better themselves with an Executive MBA degree. Authoritative EMBA rankings can help narrow the choice when it comes to a decision that could be crucial for your future and that of your organization. And they can certainly help you separate the wheat from the chaff over which institutions can truly deliver what you need.

Let’s face it, the world’s best fs offer the highest return for your investment when it comes to delivering superior education. But better still are schools that are 100% focused on executive education in the real global business world. This is integral to IMD and helps explain why it does well in EMBA rankings.

IMD: one of the top business schools in the world
The Financial Times ranked IMD number one in the world for executive education outside the US for the fifth year in a row in 2017. And it judged IMD’s open programs flat out best in the world. IMD has equally high ratings from other independent sources such as The Economist and Forbes.

But IMD isn’t standing pat. Every year its EMBA and other programs are rigorously reviewed and updated to meet the ever-evolving demands of clients.

Stimulating, challenging and rewarding
The world’s most stimulating, most challenging and most rewarding EMBA program has been redesigned to deliver even better results. The changes were made expressly with the needs of executives in mind. You can count on less time out of the office through increased distance learning. A new assessment has replaced GMAT as a prerequisite.

With IMD’s EMBA program you can expect to:

  • Sharpen analytical skills and strategic leadership abilities
  • Drive what you learn back to your company
  • Focus on turning ideas into action
  • Earn a world-class MBA while on the job

Action-oriented knowledge for life
Clearly, not all EMBA programs are created equal. An EMBA from IMD offers knowledge for life and a positive return on investment. The action-oriented program focuses on business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution. IMD’s EMBA transcends the basics and takes you to a higher plane so that you can better understand the forces that can transform your company. It delivers the skills you need to be a global leader ready to drive change and conquer complex challenges.

Company-specific assignments are a big part of the program. They allow you to use what you learn immediately, offering an immediate payback for your organization. Another feature is trips that allow you to experience globalization. Visits to such places as Mumbai, Shanghai and Silicon Valley give you hands-on insights into fast growing, leading-edge companies, and different markets.

Flexible structure
IMD’s EMBA is designed for executives with busy jobs. The programme’s flexible structure means that you can gain and EMBA degree without losing a hold on the reins. Time out of the office can be as little as 10.5 weeks over a learning period of 15 months.

The EMBA is not for everyone. It is designed specifically for experienced executives with at least 10 years solid business experience. The program also requires your company to support you while you study and work. If that matches your situation you can find no better EMBA program than the one offered by IMD. And now you can understand why IMD consistently ranks well in EMBA rankings.


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