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EMBA programs can expand your competencies and help advance your career to the next level. At least, that’s what you can expect from good EMBA programs. You need to look carefully at the institutions offering such programs - because not all of them deliver the same quality of education. When you consider the investment involved in time and money, it’s important to know whether the school has a good reputation.

IMD is one of the top business schools in the world. It is internationally respected and globally connected. Independent authorities, such as the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist, consistently give the Swiss-based school top rankings for its programs. The Financial Times in 2017 rated IMD best in the world for its open programs, for example. The same year the FT ranked IMD tops for executive education outside the US for the fifth year in a row.

It’s small wonder that IMD offers one of the best EMBA programs around. But there are other reasons the program is so highly regarded. For one thing, IMD is 100% focused on executive education with a global perspective. So it stands to reason that it understands the needs of business leaders. Its redesigned EMBA offers a flexible format geared to talented, experienced and motivated managers.

Flexible learning with immediate results
Savvy executives know the value of EMBA programs and pursuing management training beyond the workplace. The trick is to do so without sacrificing too much time away from your company. Many managers think twice about taking time out to advance their education. But the right EMBA programs can pay off by giving you an edge.

IMD’s EMBA program allows you to boost your skills and experience while staying with your company. Thanks to distance learning, the program can be completed in as few as 15 months with as little as 10.5 weeks away from your job.

Connected to the real world of business
With IMD’s EMBA program, you will hone your skills and gain immediate benefits for your organization through company-specific assignments. The action-oriented program is designed to transform knowledge into powerful tools you can put to work right away. The program is also very much connected with globalization, the new reality for businesses operating anywhere today. IMD’s faculty is one of the most internationally diverse in the world. Its professors are experts on the increasingly inter-connected economy and the complex forces shaping your company’s destiny.

IMD’s EMBA program includes visits to different countries that offer unique insights into globalization. Discovery Expeditions to Silicon Valley, China and India provide an eye-opening perspective on how leading-edge companies operate in the global marketplace.

An EMBA program that stimulates, challenges and rewards
IMD’s Executive MBA is one of the most stimulating, challenging and rewarding EMBA programs in the world. Designed for accomplished managers with intellectual ability, it offers you the skills and confidence to take on even more challenging leadership positions.

Among other things, you will learn how to:

  • Go beyond business basics
  • Become more effective and self-aware
  • Turn ideas into action
  • Master company, individual and global leadership skills

The program also recognizes the importance of lifelong learning. It gives you the ability to continually access, develop and renew the knowledge you need in an ever-evolving business climate. The program is not for everyone. You need at least 10 years of solid business experience, plus the backing of your company. With that in hand, consider carefully the appeal of IMD’s EMBA, one of the world’s best EMBA programs.


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