EMBA program: Prepare for senior leadership positions with a top EMBA program

EMBA program offerings are widespread, delivered by numerous business schools touting their leadership and management training credentials. How do you distinguish one Executive MBA program from another?

If you are a busy, experienced executive, a good EMBA program from one of the top international business schools can prepare you for global leadership positions— without sacrificing your job. But a lesser quality EMBA program may leave you disappointed. Let's look at some of the features that set the best EMBA programs apart.

Taking you beyond business basics
You should expect a well-designed EMBA program to strengthen your knowledge of business basics to allow you to fulfill your potential. You will benefit most from a program that is focused on transforming knowledge into tools you can use immediately in your company.

The best business schools in the world work closely with companies to develop training courses, including EMBA programs, which are relevant to the real business world. These programs reflect the latest management thought, but they are not weighed down by the abstract, academic theories you may find in university courses.

Mastering new skills
An effective EMBA program can sharpen your abilities as a leader and give you a leg up on the competition by providing management leadership training that goes beyond what you can learn on the job. Typical programs are organized around themes that are critical to your organization, such as strategy, leadership and globalization.

Through company-specific assignments you can drive learning into your organization with tangible results. You should gain a better understanding of the diverse forces impacting your business today — and on into the future.

Challenging your preconceived ideas
Preparing to take on new management responsibilities is a challenging process. Indeed, you should expect an EMBA program that truly delivers to challenge your preconceived ideas, while offering a learning experience that is stimulating and rewarding.

You can count on an Executive MBA from a top-ranked business school to:

  • Boost your leadership skills
  • Improve your mastery of business concepts
  • Enable you to assess opportunities in different situations
  • Give you the know-how to formulate strategy
  • Equip you with global expertise
  • Empower you to turn ideas into action

Preparing for global leadership
Given the significance of globalization and its enormous impact on business today, the most worthwhile EMBA programs emphasize a global perspective. Some of the best programs offer trips to different parts of the world, such as China and India, as well as high-tech hotspots like Silicon Valley, where you learn first-hand how leading-edge companies are operating in the international marketplace.

Look to business schools with a diverse, multicultural faculty of experts who are knowledgeable about the world economy, and that attract participants from all corners of the globe. Interacting with peers from different countries will enrich your learning process and offer you unique global networking opportunities.

Offering the flexibility to meet your needs
Your time as an executive is precious. Flexible EMBA programs enable you to earn a world-class degree without giving up your job.

A rigorous program can be completed in as few as 15 months with minimal time away from the office, thanks to distance learning mixed in with intense classroom sessions. That means you can gain highly regarded credentials without relinquishing the reins in your current position.

Ranking the best executive education
Regularly updated executive education rankings from such reputable sources as the Financial Times and The Economist provide a reliable guide to top business schools and their management programs. The rankings offer further guidance if you are looking for an ideal EMBA program.


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