EMBA degree: Accelerate your career with a top EMBA degree

EMBA degree programs prepare fast-rising, internationally experienced executives to move to the next level. An Executive MBA can provide you with the management training to give you an edge on the competition and accelerate your career.

EMBA degree programs can allow you to earn widely recognized qualifications without giving up your job. And ideally they should take you beyond the business basics to give you knowledge and management skills you could not acquire through experience on the job alone. But clearly, not every EMBA degree delivers the same quality of executive education. If you are considering the serious investment in time and money involved in pursuing an EMBA degree, you should keep a few factors in mind.

Check the reputation of the business school
The EMBA degree brochures may look convincing but you need to dig deeper to assess whether the business degree courses are any good. To move beyond clever marketing you should check the reputation of the business schools offering EMBA programs.

Internationally respected schools offer the best prospects for an EMBA degree that can really advance your career. Look to one of the top business schools in the world for executive training you can count on. Check the executive education rankings from independent sources such as The Economist, the Financial Times and Forbes to find out which business schools consistently excel.

Gain a valued degree with losing your job
Another important consideration when looking at EMBA degree options is the very practical issue of how the program fits in with your job, or if it permits you to continue in your current position at all. Flexible EMBA programs allow you to gain a degree in as few as 15 months without sacrificing your job.

The advantage is that you can gain management training outside your workplace while staying with your company. Distance learning and assignments directly linked to your organization mean you spend minimal time away from the office.

Benefit from a school working with companies
You stand to gain additional benefits from an EMBA degree offered by a top-ranked business school that collaborates with companies to develop its curriculum. Today's business environment is increasingly complex, hit by the forces of globalization and revolutionary technological changes.

Companies are seeking more from executive education with training that is relevant and up to date. By working with organizations, good business schools ensure their EMBA programs and other training and development programs evolve with the times to address real business issues.

Go further with a global perspective
It goes without saying that any business school offering a quality EMBA degree should have a global perspective. Find out whether the school has a multicultural faculty of experts who are knowledgeable about international markets and whether it attracts participants from many different countries.

With an eye to developing global leaders, top EMBA programs offer trips to diverse parts of the world to allow you to see first-hand how the inter-connected world economy works. They offer fresh insights into globalization and how this dominant force is shaping the future of your company.

Expect to be challenged and stimulated
Earning an EMBA degree can give you the competencies and confidence to take on more challenging leadership positions. But expect to be challenged along the way.

The best programs are rigorous and take you beyond business fundamentals with stimulating yet practical courses. They can help you to become a more effective and self-aware leader, capable of turning ideas into action.

Without a doubt, keeping the above considerations in mind, you have much to gain from a quality EMBA degree.


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