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Education Masters programs can propel your career to the next level by giving you the kind of training you just can’t get on the job. They offer you a unique chance to gain new skills, broaden your knowledge and boost your performance. But be forewarned: Not all education Masters programs are created equal. And while there are many education Masters programs around, you should be selective about choosing the one that’s best for you.

An Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) is particularly relevant for experienced managers looking to move into general management. The EMBA offered by IMD is one of the best education Masters programs in the world - and with good reason. IMD is one of the planet’s top-rated business management schools. Not only that but, unlike many other institutions, it is 100% dedicated to executive education with a global perspective.

Top-ranked by independent authorities
Don’t just take our word for it. Independent and well-regarded authorities such as the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist rank IMD amongst the best corporate leadership training schools in the world. This is not just flash in the pan stuff. For example, in 2017 the Financial Times ranked IMD number one for executive education outside the US - for the fifth year in a row.

IMD rigorously reviews and updates its programs every year to ensure they meet the needs of clients in an ever-evolving business environment. That’s why its programs meet critical acclaim year in, year out. IMD’s EMBA is no exception.

An EMBA designed for high performance
The fact that IMD’s EMBA is one of the world’s best education Masters programs is no accident. It was designed that way. The program is targeted toward business leaders with talent and experience who are motivated to excel. It’s an action-oriented EMBA focussed on business fundamentals, leadership skills, strategy and execution. And it was recently redesigned to be even more flexible while maintaining top-notch standards.

The program equips you to:

  • Master business concepts
  • Hone your leadership skills
  • Deliver immediate results to your organization

IMD’s EMBA includes company-specific projects and emphasizes hands-on training rather than abstract theory. You turn ideas into action and see instant returns. The EMBA is also plugged into the globalized economy with visits to India, China and Silicon Valley an integral part of the curriculum. The trips offer invaluable insights into innovative, leading-edge companies in the global marketplace. And IMD’s faculty is internationally diverse, well placed to guide you through the challenging, game-changing world of globalization.

Adapted to your needs
The ExecutiveMBA program at IMD has been reformatted to deliver even better results with the needs of busy executives in mind. You get the training you want without having to give up your responsibilities on the job. The program is modular, manageable and flexible. By maximizing distance learning you stay away from the office for as little as 10.5 weeks over a 15-month period.

The GMAT is no longer a requirement for admission, replaced by a rigorous assessment process. It’s true that IMD’s EMBA program is not for everyone. It is designed for proven business leaders with global experience and intellectual ability. You need drive and the support of your company. But for the right individual, you can do no better.  When you sift through all the available evidence, IMD’s EMBA is tops when it comes to education Masters programs.


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