Business schools without GMAT: Earn an MBA from one of the world's top business schools without GMAT

Business schools without GMAT requirements for Executive MBA programs meet the needs of busy executives who want to get the best management training without having to sacrifice their jobs. Earning a world-class MBA from one of the business schools without GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) prerequisites can be a plus in several ways.

For one reason or another, many experienced business managers have not taken the GMAT. When time is so precious, preparing for the test can be a major inconvenience that takes you away from your work. So EMBA programs provided by business schools without GMAT requirements have an obvious appeal.

Receive top executive education without lowering standards
Good business schools offer EMBA programs without having the GMAT as an obligation. But let's not confuse this with lowering executive education standards. Indeed, the best international business schools offering an MBA no GMAT required have rigorous entrance requirements.

Participants have to compete for admission and are expected to have intellectual ability. The timing of an Executive MBA program may be flexible — the goal is to allow executives to earn business administration degrees while on the job —but the best emba programs are challenging and stimulating.

Consult the executive education rankings
If you are concerned about the quality of MBA programs from business schools without GMAT, check the executive education rankings to make sure you are dealing with one that delivers top-rated management training. Independent sources such as the Financial Times, The Economist and Forbes regularly rank the top business schools in the world and their executive education programs.

These respected publications, with a firm grasp of management issues and the latest developments in the business world, keep track of how business management education is evolving. The best business schools update their curriculum to ensure that it remains relevant in a fast-changing environment. A top-ranked business school has to adapt and innovate to score consistently well. And the rankings offer a handy way to check on the track records of business schools without GMAT requirements — or with them.

Look for learning you can apply on the job
Obviously, one of the advantages of business management schools offering EMBA programs without having to pass the GMAT is that you save time. But you should also verify whether the business management courses are offered in a flexible way.

State-of-the-art distance learning techniques can ensure minimal time away from the office. You will get better returns from executive development programs that offer practical opportunities to apply new knowledge to your company, with immediate results. Executive programs with company-specific and customized projects allow you to address real challenges.

What to expect from an Executive MBA
The best EMBA programs are delivered by leading international business schools focused on executive education with a global perspective. This is important given that globalization is the most significant force shaping the future of business today. Leading business schools have a diverse, multinational faculty and attract participants from around the world.

Expect top EMBA programs to stimulate your thinking and challenge your belief systems, while rewarding you with new insights you can apply in your organization. Among other things, you should count on:

  • Honing your leadership skills
  • Mastering business concepts
  • Turning ideas into action
  • Formulating strategy

The best EMBA programs will also include discovery trips to different parts of the world — such as India and China — to allow participants to see first-hand how leading-edge companies operate in a global marketplace. These are just some of the features to expect from MBAs offered by top business schools without GMAT.


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