Business school without GMAT: Earn an EMBA degree from a top-ranked business school without GMAT

A business school without GMAT admission requirements for its MBA programs — sound unusual? Well, some of the top international business schools do, in fact, offer such programs without the need to pass the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test).

EMBA programs that deliver learning without sacrificing your job
Enrolling in an Executive MBA program at a business school without GMAT conditions offers some obvious advantages. As a busy executive, like many others, you may not have taken the test. EMBA programs that demand the GMAT as a prerequisite are a major inconvenience if you have to take extra time away from work to prepare for the exam.

Earning an MBA from a business school without GMAT qualifications allows you to gain the executive education that can promote your career and deliver better results for your company — without sacrificing your job. But the MBA no GMAT approach should not be equated with lower standards. Let's find out why.

Top business school without GMAT contenders
Top business schools set the bar high for their business courses, even if they may not require you to pass the GMAT beforehand. You need to have extensive experience and intellectual ability to compete for the best management training programs, including EMBA programs.

Admittedly, not every business school without GMAT requirements for admission to EMBA programs will meet your expectations. You need to be selective. Look for good business schools that regularly score well in the executive education rankings by innovating and keeping their management training programs up to date. These rankings, complied by such independent and reputable sources as The Economist, the Financial Times and Forbes, provide a comprehensive assessment of the top corporate leadership training schools in the world.

Flexible executive education that addresses your situation
Beyond admission requirements, various factors can determine the effectiveness of EMBA programs in meeting the needs of busy business managers. Among them is program design that ensures maximum learning with minimum time away from your company.

Distance learning techniques reduce classroom time but company-specific assignments can also allow you to put your new knowledge directly to work. Top international business schools collaborate with companies so their EMBA programs are not only convenient but also relevant to the real business world.

What to expect from the world's top EMBA programs
A top-ranked business school can offer MBA programs that are shorter and more flexible. Under the ideal scenario you should be able to complete the required business courses in a little over a year. But regardless of the time expended, you should expect the best emba programs, including those offered by a business school without GMAT, to be rigorous and challenging. After all, this is training that is preparing you for broader responsibilities and more demanding leadership positions.

Look for good EMBA programs that:

  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Help you fulfill your potential
  • Provide knowledge you can use on the job
  • Focus on execution-oriented learning that turns ideas into action

Executive education with a global perspective
There are other points to think about if you are searching for one of the best emba programs. One of the most important considerations is whether the school offering the program is focused on executive education with a global perspective.

Given the importance of globalization as the biggest force shaping business, this should be a no-brainer. Look for business schools with an international faculty and with EMBA programs involving trips that let you see how leading-edge companies operate around the world. Add that to your checklist for your best Executive MBA from a business school without GMAT.


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