Business management degrees: Earn world-class business management degrees at IMD business school

For fast-rising internationally experienced executives, taking time out to earn business management degrees may be difficult to contemplate. Yet the right leadership development and business management training can in fact be the edge you need - and indeed, should be part of any leadership development plan.

With a world-class MBA or Executive MBA program from a top business management school, you’ll gain business and leadership skills and experience that will help you to take on broader and more challenging positions - and so deliver even more value to your company.

Features of the best business management degrees:

  • Execution-oriented: The best business management degrees are focused not on theory, but on turning ideas into action. Look for practice-oriented programs that address the essentials for management and business development, such as cross-functional knowledge, globalization, and strategy development and execution.
  • Mastering execution: You need to master business and leadership skills in three dimensions – company, individual and global - in order to become a more effective, self-confident and self-aware member of a general management team.
  • Real-life globalization: In today’s increasingly interconnected world, business leaders need in-depth knowledge of global trends. On-the-ground experience in different markets is also invaluable - and something that business management degrees from good business schools offer.
  • Immediate value for you and your company: As well as enhancing your capabilities, any business development training should deliver real and immediate value to your company. This is especially true for long programs such as business management degrees. Look for programs where what you learn is usable on the job, right away. Company-related assignments that provide immediate payback are another feature of the best business management degrees.
  • Flexible structure: A business management degree is a huge undertaking - especially if you continue working while studying. Programs that offer a combination of onsite modules and distance learning are a good way to balance work with program work. This approach reduces time away from the office as well as costs – with the added benefit that the program is more likely to attract an international group of experienced managers.
  • Lifelong learning skills: The ability to continually access, develop and renew the right knowledge is critical in a world of accelerating change. Look for MBA programs focused on the process of learning itself, perfecting your ability to investigate, discover and evaluate new ideas and trends throughout your career. This will have clear payoffs for your long-term personal leadership development plan.

Business management degrees: EMBA or MBA?
Where you are in your career is the key to whether an Executive MBA or full-time MBA better suits your needs. An EMBA is for more experienced professionals with at least 10 years of solid business experience. It also requires company support as you combine study with your work. If you have substantial business experience and want to study without leaving your job, then an Executive MBA is for you.

If you are a high-potential manager at an earlier stage of your career and want an MBA to leverage career change or advancement, a full-time program is likely a more appropriate choice when looking at business management degrees.

Business management degrees: Which business school?
Financial Timeswill help you identify such schools - after that you need to look closely at what different programs offer in order to make your final choice among the different types of business management degrees.


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