Business degree courses: A closer look at the value of MBA and EMBA business degree courses

Business degree courses can be your launch pad into the next phase of your career. At top international business schools, both MBA and Executive MBA programs offer rigorous training to master business concepts and gain leadership skills. But this is a serious investment of time, energy and money. Selecting a Master Business Administration program is not a decision to be taken lightly. Because naturally, you want to get the best returns from business degree courses.

Distinction between MBA and Executive MBA
Both MBA and EMBA programs are meant to hone the business skills you need for the next level. But the "next level" is slightly different for each program. An Executive MBA program is typically geared to more experienced managers. Indeed, many employers support talented managers for their EMBA to help secure the company's future leadership base. These business degree courses are typically structured so you can study without leaving your job. Because it's assumed you have a certain level for business fundamentals, you'll focus more strongly on your capacity to apply insights and turn ideas into action.

If you're a bit younger - an early-career, high-potential manager- an MBA may be the better Master Business Administration program for you, especially if your undergraduate degree was not in business. If you're worried that that will mean a lot of time away from your job, consider a 1 year MBA program from a top-ranked business school for intensive learning and great results. Compared to traditional 2 year MBAs, 1 year MBA programs attract people with some professional experience, not straight out of university.

Solid grounding
If you're not sure your business knowledge is deep enough, business degree courses can help you firm that. These masters education programs can solidify your comfort with fundamentals like finance, marketing, and business development strategy.

From business knowledge to action
Business degree courses from good business schools don't stop at business fundamentals. They'll help you understand the forces shaping business in the future. Particularly in EMBA programs, you'll develop"3-dimensional" business and leadership skills to effect impact at the individual, company and global levels. This is the key to moving from ideas to action.

Real world, global world
Don't settle for business degree courses that are not explicitly focused on real-world learning. Both MBA and EMBA programs can help you feel confident and ready for the real world with action learning like leadership exercises, leadership coaching, and projects and/or visits to those places that are changing the face of global business. Top international business schools are your best bet for the true global perspective that's critical to real-world business today.

And next...
True value comes out of business degree courses that emphasize the process of learning itself. They should help you perfect your ability to investigate, discover and evaluate new ideas and trends throughout your career. You should learn to transform future experiences - both on the job and in terms of executive programs or leadership courses that you take along the way -into greater general management strength. In a world of accelerating change, the ability to continually access, develop and renew the right knowledge is critical. This may even be your greatest long-term value from quality business degree courses.


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