Business administration programs: Prepare to take on more responsibility with the top business administration programs

Business administration programs, such as Master Business Administration degrees like MBA or EMBA programs, are a great way to broaden your business and leadership skills and expand your career opportunities. Non-degree business administration programs are also helpful for managers at different levels wishing to develop their skills though shorter executive programs.

Building cross functional knowledge
The building blocks of all business administration programs center on strengthening skills across core corporate functions, including finance, accounting, human resources, IT, research and development, communications and marketing. Some business administration programs also provide project management training and/or training in other business areas, such as facility management or supply chain management.

While it's true you can take an individual marketing course, human resource program or finance courses to build your knowledge of specific functions, good business administration programs should additionally teach you how to create value by integrating across functions. Such integrated cross-functional knowledge is useful for all managers, and essential for those wishing to move into general management.

Building management and leadership skills
Good business administration programs will also prepare you for greater responsibility by strengthening your management, strategy and leadership skills. This includes business analyst training, as well as inter-personal communication and team building skills that are increasingly important in today's global business world. Stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution and negotiation skills training are also extremely beneficial as part of general management training.

Building good governance skills
The best business administration programs also cover business ethics and good governance. International regulations today require an unprecedented level of transparency from companies and their leaders. Corporations not only need to adhere to multiple international, regional, national and local laws and regulations, but face increased pressure from customers and civil society groups to follow ethical business practices with regards to the environment, their staff and the communities in which they operate. Businesses have to provide evidence of their good corporate behavior and social responsibility. Corporate governance training is therefore highly valuable as part of business administration programs.

Business administration programs at IMD business school
As a top business management schools, IMD offers a top-ranked 1 year MBA as well as one of the world's best Executive MBA programs. These high-impact business management degrees sharpen your international business management and leadership skills, provide extensive practical experience and fully prepare you to take on more challenging positions.

IMD business school also offers shorter, but still intensive, non-degree business administration programs to build cross-functional skills and prepare you for business leadership.

All IMD executive programs focus on real-world learning and preparing managers to meet both today's challenges and tomorrow's. Our programs are also flexible, often combining distance learning with on-campus modules, and allow you to focus on your own interests and needs. In this way, you maximize the outcomes of your investment in our business administration programs.


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