Best Executive MBA: Come to IMD for one of the best Executive MBA programs anywhere

Best Executive MBA — that’s quite a bold statement. But when it comes to offering superior management training, IMD really does offer one of the best Executive MBA programs around. Check the rankings of independent authorities, such as the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist. IMD consistently rates as one of the top business schools in the world.

And there are loads of other reasons why IMD can provide you with the best Executive MBA possible. For one thing, IMD is 100% focused on executive education. IMD understands business because it is run like a business itself. It is constantly innovating and updating its programs to meet the changing needs of today’s executives.

That is particularly true of its highly ranked EMBA program. IMD ensures that it offers one of the best Executive MBA degrees by addressing the needs of experienced managers who want to further their education without giving up their jobs. Offered in a flexible format, the program allows you to remain with your company throughout, with just 10.5 weeks out of the office over as little as 15 months. IMD does this by maximizing distance learning, combined with efficient onsite modules.

Rigorous and action-oriented
IMD’s Executive MBA is a rigorous, action-oriented program that will boost your career by taking you way beyond the basics to reach your full potential. Centred on business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution, this is clearly one of the best Executive MBA options for experienced, talented, and highly motivated managers.

Over the course of this program, you can expect to:

  • Achieve mastery of business basics
  • Hone your leadership skills
  • Bring immediate results for your company
  • Gain useful insights into globalization

You will gain knowledge and experience that will allow you to take on more challenging leadership positions with confidence. Let’s look at other features that make IMD’s EMBA one of the world’s best Executive MBA programs:

Diversity: IMD’s faculty is one of the most internationally diverse around. Its professors are experts in the globalized economy. They are plugged into the increasingly inter-connected business world. And they are well placed to guide you to a true understanding of the forces that will shape your company.

Discovery: The Executive MBA program involves trips to different parts of the world. Discovery Expeditions to China, India and Silicon Valley will give you penetrating insights into how leading-edge companies operate in the global marketplace.

Real-world challenges: IMD addresses the real-world challenges faced by today’s managers, not the abstract theories that you find amid the ivory towers. Company-specific assignments allow you to deliver an immediate payback to your organization. The practical orientation enables you to turn ideas into action.

Lifelong learning: The Executive MBA program offered by IMD will equip you to deal with a world of accelerating change. It will empower you to critically assess, develop and renew the right knowledge. IMD’s Executive MBA enhances your ability to investigate, discover and evaluate new ideas and trends throughout your career.

Flexible and customized: IMD’s Executive MBA is designed with a flexible, customized and effective approach. The GMAT is no longer a requirement for admission, and the modular format reduces time away from your workplace and cuts costs.

The best Executive MBA for you?
IMD’s Executive MBA is designed for executives with 10 years’ solid business experience, plus a track record as a global leader. As well, you will need the full support of your company. It’s not for everybody - but if you fit the profile and have the right ambition, then IMD’s EMBA could well be your best Executive MBA option.


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