Best Executive MBA programs: What to look for in the best Executive MBA programs

Best Executive MBA programs offer opportunities for experienced executives to gain the knowledge and management skills needed to take on senior global leadership positions. The best Executive MBA programs from top international business schools provide the kind of executive education that puts you ahead of the pack when it comes to adding value for your company — with only minimal time away from the office.

You can expect a lot from the best Executive MBA programs. But with all the EMBA programs out there, you need to be selective to find one that is right for you. Let's take a quick look at what puts the best Executive MBA programs a cut above the rest.

Move beyond experience on the job
The first thing to know about the best Executive MBA programs is that they provide you with know-how that you can't easily gain from work experience alone. Training on the job is important but you can acquire additional skills from business degree courses that expose you to the newest ideas about managing.

You will learn more from top EMBA programs that are relevant to the real business world. Business schools that collaborate with companies to develop a curriculum that evolves as conditions change are better able to deliver leadership and management training programs that provide knowledge you can quickly put to use.

Earn a world-class MBA without sacrificing your job
As a busy executive, one of your prime concerns in pursuing business degree courses, understandably, is how much time it will take you away from your responsibilities. Some of the world's best Executive MBA programs prepare you for a promotion in as few as 15 months, with minimal time away from the office.

Distance learning and company-specific assignments can reduce the time off the job, although the executive training programs remain rigorous. Good business schools further cut down on lost workdays by dispensing with the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) as a prerequisite, eliminating the time that would be needed to prepare for such a test if you haven't already taken it.

What to expect from the best Executive MBA programs
The best Executive MBA programs offer practical, hands-on management training that gives you fresh insights on the complex forces shaping the future of your organization. Best EMBA programs are typically structured around themes that are central to every business, such as globalization, leadership, strategy and execution.

Each program is distinct, but you should look for top EMBA programs that enable you to:

  • Hone your leadership skills
  • Master business fundamentals
  • Assess business opportunities in different contexts
  • Acquire global expertise
  • Formulate strategy
  • Turn ideas into action to create value for your company

Get better value from EMBA programs with a global perspective
Globalization is the biggest single force impacting business today. So it makes sense that good EMBA programs should have a global perspective.

They offer courses that take you to different countries to see first-hand how leading-edge companies are taking advantage of international integration. They have a multicultural faculty of globally recognized experts and attract participants from all corners of the world, offering unique peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Check out the executive education rankings
This may appear self-evident, but it is worth emphasizing: your best bet for business degree courses lies with a top-ranked business school. Independent, respected sources such as Forbes, The Economist and the Financial Times regularly publish executive education rankings.

Their rankings provide you with an informative way to narrow the choice among the top business schools in the world offering the best Executive MBA programs.


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