Best EMBA: What makes a program your best EMBA?

The best EMBA program for you is out there. But you'll need to do your research to find it, particularly if your Executive MBA is a joint investment between you and your employer – they'll be looking for good ROI as much as you. If you see an EMBA program offering high-impact senior management training and education along with a good fit with your life and career ambitions, you may be looking at your best EMBA.

First – what is an Executive MBA?
An Executive MBA program is designed for general management professionals with strong experience – typically about 10 years. You study in parallel to your regular employment, complementing your ever-growing business management experience. The best EMBA programs offer deeper general management learning with high-level global perspectives to help bring what you need to make a rewarding career leap. For many businesses, supporting top executives through Executive MBA programs is a means to secure the company's future leadership team.

Where to find the best EMBA programs
Business schools offering the best EMBA programs can be found through the independent executive education rankings from sources like the Financial Times, Forbes, and The Economist. In offerings from top-ranked business schools, you should see rigorous, action-oriented EMBA programs covering business fundamentals, global perspective, and strategy, execution and leadership skills.

Key learning from the best EMBA programs
Business general management fundamentals: The best EMBA programs solidify your knowledge of business fundamentals such as finance, marketing, negotiation and business development strategy. You should learn to put these in the context of the forces shaping the future of global business and gain a more integrated overall view.

"3-dimensional" business and leadership skills: Quality Executive MBAs help you form well-rounded management and leadership skills to make an impact at the individual, company and global levels. You develop the capacity for active analysis and strategic action.

Global business leadership: Top international business schools use action learning (leadership exercises, leadership coaching, etc.) and offer the global perspective in their EMBA programs that will prepare you for global leadership.

Future growth: The best EMBA programs explore the process of learning itself. They teach you to maximize the benefits of your future business and executive education experiences. You will leverage each and every challenge to expand your leadership skills and business knowledge.

Best EMBA programs to fit your life and career
Adding an Executive MBA to your already-busy life and career is a serious investment in terms of time, energy and finance. When making the decision to pursue an EMBA, you need to reflect on the impact on yourself, your employer and your family. There are a number of ways in which the best EMBA programs are designed to consider this impact and make it worthwhile.

Flexible program delivery: Many EMBA programs are run with a focus on weekend classes. Over time, this can be a difficult system for executives with families or those who must travel. A more flexible alternative offered at top business schools is the modular approach. Following the timelines that suit them, students combine distance projects with in-depth onsite modules of a week or more.

Extended network: The best EMBA programs attract motivated, talented graduates with strong professional experience. These colleagues bring a broad range of perspectives, experiences and connections. You learn from each other, benchmark, and develop an incomparable international network at this critical time in your career.

Immediate value: When you apply your new knowledge and leadership skills to your on-the-job challenges during the course of your Executive MBA studies, you'll integrate learning fully and bring immediate results to your company. This greatly enhances the relevance and long-term value of your best EMBA.


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