Best EMBA programs: IMD delivers one of the world’s best EMBA programs

Best EMBA programs in the world? You can count on them being offered the top business schools in the world - schools like IMD.

How can you identify such schools? Check the rankings of independent, unbiased sources like the Financial Times and Business Week. IMD consistently rates among the best - the Financial Times rated IMD best in the world for its open programs in 2017. The same year, the FT ranked IMD tops for executive education outside the US for the fifth year in a row. Obviously, IMD is doing something right.

When you think about it, it makes sense that an international institution like IMD offers one of the best EMBA programs around. After all, the school is 100% focused on executive education. With a flexible, customized and effective approach, IMD knows what it takes to deliver the best EMBA programs.

Rigorous and action-oriented
IMD’s EMBA stands out as a program for fast-rising, globally experienced executives. It is designed to give you the edge you need. You’ll gain skills and experience to take on more challenging leadership roles - and you’ll produce better results for your company.

The program is action-oriented, rigorous and flexible. It takes you beyond the basics to a comprehensive understanding of the forces that will shape your company’s destiny. And IMD’s EMBA program allows you to improve your management development without sacrificing too much time away from your job.

Key features of IMD’s Executive MBA, one of the world’s best EMBA programs

Turn ideas into action: This is not traditional education about abstract theories. This is practice-oriented management training that allows you to apply what you learn. The program is structured around topics important for managers today — business fundamentals, globalization, leadership, strategy and execution.

Create immediate value for you and your company: Inaddition to honing your skills, you will add real value to your organization. Company-specific assignments make what you learn usable on the job with immediate payback.   

Discover insights about globalization: Globalization isthe defining reality of today’s business world. Trips to Mumbai, Shanghai and Silicon Valley give you penetrating insights into cutting-edge companies operating in the global marketplace.

Master leadership in three dimensions: Leadership hasmany aspects. You will learn about acquiring business and leadership skills at the individual, company and global level. Mastering the three dimensions will make you a more self-confident, effective and self-aware manager.

Benefit from a flexible structure: Taking time out from your job is an important consideration. IMD maximizes distance learning and on-site modules to allow you to finish the EMBA program in as little as 15 months, with just 10.5 weeks away from your office.

Gain lifelong learning skills: Learning never stops. IMD gives you the tools to continually access, renew and develop the right knowledge. To equip you for a world of accelerating change, the EMBA program focuses on the process of learning itself. This enables you to investigate, discover and evaluate new ideas and trends throughout your career.

IMD’s : the right one for you?
IMD’s EMBA is not geared for everyone. You should have at least 10 years of solid business experience. You also need the backing of your company as you combine studying with work. You must demonstrate intellectual ability.

You need to carefully consider if this is the right management training solution for you. But for the right candidate, IMD clearly offers one of the world’s best EMBA programs.


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