Digital transformation

Digital transformation should be a priority for any organization seeking better performance in a business environment that is rapidly being reshaped by the Internet. By capitalizing on the use of the latest digital technologies and employing an effective digital transformation strategy, your company can flourish. (...) Read more about Digital transformation.


Designing effective digital business models

Understand the key concepts, evaluate existing digital business models and build a digital business transformation framework

In the age of digital disruption, any business can stake a claim to the role of disruptor. At the same time, almost every industry on the planet has been disrupted, or should expect to be soon. Big data and analytics, powerful cloud computing, democratized media, mobile technologies and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) all accelerate the velocity of change(...) Read more about Designing effective digital business models.


Digital business agility and workforce transformation

How to quickly harness all your digital talents and compete effectively in the Digital Vortex

An executive tasked with leading digital transformation for their organization is playing for high stakes. The potential to gain or lose value and share at speed is greater than ever. Disruptors could be inside or outside the industry. They may not yet exist. (...) Read more aboutDigital business agility and workforce transformation.


Digital business strategy

Digital business strategy is no longer an optional issue for traditional companies battling tough competition in a fast-changing corporate environment. Having a digital business strategy, a really effective digital business strategy, is essential for organizations to flourish in an age when digital technologies have transformed the marketplace and given rise to new business models. (...) Read more about Digital business strategy.


Digital business transformation

Digital business transformation is something that many businesses are struggling to either launch or implement. Digital technologies have been around for a while but their impact is now permeating every aspect of the business world, posing unprecedented challenges for corporate leaders and business managers. (...) Read more about Digital business transformation.


Digital strategy

Digital strategy is an important thing for companies to have, even if your organization is embedded in a traditional, old-world industry. In fact, traditional industries need to develop an effective digital strategy more than ever because of the risks they face from digitally savvy entrepreneurs capable of disrupting their markets. (...) Read more about Digital strategy.


Digital strategy consulting

Digital strategy consulting helps executives and organizations seeking to transform their businesses for the digital age. The likes of Google and Amazon may not need such aid but companies that weren't bred on the Internet can get plugged in through digital strategy consulting. (...) Read more about Digital strategy consulting.


Digital transformation programme

A digital transformation programme offered by one of the best business schools in the world can prepare you to bring your organization into the digital world. An effective digital transformation programme will give you the leadership skills training to develop a strategic plan to boost your company's performance through digital technologies. (...) Read more about Digital transformation programme.


Digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation strategy is taking on critical importance for organizations facing new challenges as digital technologies reshape the business environment. Having an effective digital transformation strategy allows you to leverage digital innovations to boost your company's competitiveness. (...) Read more about Digital transformation strategy.


The digitization piano

Deploy this tool to implement smarter digital change across your value chain

Digital transformation can be a daunting prospect. It may be hard to know where to start building a digital strategy. New sustainable business models require digitization, but where should your organization’s priorities lie? Which business units need urgent attention, and where are digital capabilities already strong? (...) Read more about The digitization piano


Finance leadership program

A finance leadership program from one of the top business schools will help you to deliver better financial performance for your organization. An effective finance leadership program will equip your financial and business executives to create higher value for your company and to align strategic goals with financial imperatives. (...) Read more about Finance leadership program.


Strategy digital

Strategy digital? Digital technologies are transforming the competitive environment but “strategy digital” is a phrase that is still often missing from the business plans of major organizations.

Traditional industry has been slow on the uptake when it comes to making a strategy digital and some companies are now paying the costs. Brash, digitally smart startups with names you have never heard are looming with market-killing business models that threaten to leave old world corporations on the ropes. (...) Read more about Strategy digital.


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