Learning and development needs: Leverage the most effective tools to meet organizational learning and development needs

Learning and development needs vary across organizations and roles, and change continually as the global business environment becomes more and more fast-paced and complex. A company's corporate learning officer and the corporate training team must develop an appropriate learning and development strategy that supports overall business objectives. Here is some food for thought for corporate learning officers committed to satisfying – over the long term – organizational learning and development needs.

Programs, conferences, networking events, classes, workshops…
Corporate learning officers and their teams have a wealth of possibilities for corporate training to support employees throughout their careers. A learning and development strategy that's a true employee value proposition will include a good menu of choices. The various options for learning and development needs offer different benefits; different vehicles will be right for different times. Regular ongoing management training helps to refresh, rejuvenate and enhance the performance of employees at all levels, which is why a good L&D strategy offers demonstrable benefits to a company's bottom line.

Finding the program fit for individual learning and development needs
Among the various vehicles for corporate education, management and leadership development programs and courses can be the most complex to implement successfully. A good fit for executive education means it is truly beneficial to employees in terms of their own career trajectories, increasing their capacity to drive business results, and ensuring ROI of corporate training for the company. Some programs to meet learning and development needs could include:


Make sure you've got what it takes to meet organizational learning and development needs
Meeting learning and development needs across an organization is a complex, ever-evolving job. Corporate education must be an employee value proposition that supports recruitment and retention, ensures a strong talent pipeline and ultimately contributes to an enterprise's sustainability and success. Educational leadership programs, conferences, and networking events for corporate training officers help you ensure your capacity to drive an effective learning and development strategy. You will enhance your skills and knowledge with new insights from business research and by benchmarking with colleagues. In other words, you'll remain strong in your unique role by addressing your own learning and development needs.


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