Business management education: Q & A on business management education

Business management education can take your career to new heights, they say. But is it really necessary when you’ve already got a solid base of education, good experience and and a track record for delivering?

Yes, absolutely, your educational background, existing skills and on-the-job learning can be great assets to advancing in a business management career. But you can complement all that and take a great leap forward with the right business management education!

Business management education Q & A

Q. Who should consider business management education?

A. Executives at all levels who care about their careers andwhat they bring to their organizations will benefit from taking time out to hone their skills with business management education. For example:

  • Young talent can grow into confident leaders through management skills training designed for early-career managers who rise above the crowd and are ready for more.
  • Stand-out functional managers who want to drive performance will gain valuable skills and knowledge through leadership development programs.
  • Business management education can also help more senior leaders solve specific business and market challenges.

Q. What should I expect to learn through business management education?

A. It depends a bit on which stage of the game you’re at. Let’s say you’re a young manager ready to take on greater responsibility. You should look for a business management education program offering:

  • Business fundamentals– in a thought-provoking manner
  • The big picture– because the global business world is fast-moving and interconnected
  • Leadership training– especially training that helps you gain awareness of your own leadership style through leadership coaching and leadership exercises
  • Responsible leadership– because the business world must account for governments and humanitarian players that impact the global environment; and because the best businesses aim to make a positive difference
  • Learning how to learn– because business management education is best as a lifelong journey

More senior managers and leaders will also benefit from strengthening their knowledge and skills in these areas.

Q. I see courses for business management education offered all over the place. How can I tell which one will give me the skills I’m looking for?

A. We suggest you start by checking out accredited business schools that focus on executive education. You can find the best by looking at the business school rankings published by reliable sources like the Financial Times, Forbes and The Economist.

When you find a business management program from such a school that interests you, look closely at the learning techniques and outcomes. The outcomes should cover many or all of the things mentioned in the previous answer. As for learning techniques, here are a few of the most effective in today’s business management education:

  • Interactive learning: For life-changing professional and personal development, sitting back and listening to someone lecture doesn’t work. You’ve got to get in there and test your mettle. Look for interactive learning like team projects, in-depth discussion of real-life cases, leadership coaching and high-intensity leadership exercises to challenge you.
  • Real-life projects: Test yourself through real-life projects like in-the-field visits or consultancy. Or even better, some management programs have you consolidate your learning with a project directly related to your organization. When it’s truly relevant to your job, you – and your company – get so much more out of it.
  • Self-awareness: What will set you apart in the long run is your understanding of your own leadership style and your ability to leverage it. Master this and you’ll be ready to face all future challenges in an ever-changing world. Self-development and leadership coaching will train you in a way no “management toolkit” ever can.

Fun: Challenges, new insights, world-class learning, leadership training and self-exploration will simply sink in better and truly transform you if you have some fun during your business management education!


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