Performance management program for executives: Prepare your company for long-term success with IMD’s performance management program for executives

A performance management program for executives can help you boost your company’s performance today and drive long-term positive results. It’s important, however, to find a program that’s suited to your specific level and performance needs.

IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers highly effective executive education to meet a variety of different performance management needs. If you’re an experienced leader moving into a significant position or facing a critical business challenge, then our Advanced Management Program is for you. This intense performance management program for executives focuses on boosting your analytical and leadership skills in order to improve performance across your company and meet strategic objectives.

Advanced Strategic Management is built around a framework that goes from analysis to ambition to action. The first two weeks deal with analyzing your situation and thinking strategically about your business management. The third, final week of this performance management program for executives focuses on learning how to execute to realize your goals. You are not just told what you need to know - you receive personal support to analyze your challenges, develop concrete plans to address them, improve your leadership, and implement your strategy back at the office.

Business analysis

Advanced Strategic Management is founded on the critical understanding that driving long-term business performance requires a wide, interconnected view of your business and the world in which it operates. The program teaches you to ask the right questions about the world, the business environment and your stakeholders. IMD Faculty members also help you to diagnose your own business challenge and apply lessons from the program to your own situation. With sharper analytical skills you’ll be ready to:

  • Assess the macro picture quickly and accurately
  • Identify your challenges
  • Extract the real factors that determine success
  • Better understand your company’s long-term objective and the strategy to achieve it

Leadership performance

Having sharpened your skills in assessing your reality, you next need to address your possibilities. What are your options, what is expected of you, and what do you expect of yourself? Advanced Strategic Management uses high-impact learning methods like global case studies, simulations, workshops, project-work and leadership coaching to hone your ability to clarify alternatives and align ambitions. You will:

  • Confirm and expand your influence as a leader
  • Build a strong team and manage internal and external relationships

Value creation

As a leader, your ultimate challenge is to use your knowledge, team skills and the strategies you’ve mapped to create real value for your organization – success today and sustained performance in the future. Advanced Strategic Management guides you in the practice of using knowledge toolkits to focus on issues you face, like stakeholder analysis, strategy and leading change. You:

  • Use knowledge toolkits to best respond to your particular business challenges
  • Develop concrete plans and actions
  • Engage your organization and your team, for a whole-team performance boost

The bottom line: deliver high-performance management

After three weeks of IMD’s performance management program for executives, you will have critically sharpened your analytical and strategic leadership skills. You’ll be ready to enhance performance at individual, team and business-unit levels, and you’ll have what it takes to develop and deliver effective strategies for long-term business success. Moreover, after the program ends the Faculty team supports you to follow through with your plans. All part Advanced Strategic Management, an innovative performance management program for executives!


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