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Your central focus throughout the program is to identify a new business opportunity and to prepare your organization to bring it to market. Leadership, strategy, and execution are the three pillars through which you will approach your goal.

One-on-one coaching is provided before, during and right after the program.


Ahead of the program

You engage in one-on-one conversations with an executive coach who helps you decide on a promising business opportunity you will then focus on refining throughout the program.

Commit to your business breakthrough - week 1

You look at your business through new lenses and address your organization's ambition from a new perspective. You'll also explore just what it will take to achieve your breakthrough - both organizationally and personally. 

Your focus

  • Validate a new business breakthrough opportunity
  • Define the capabilities required to achieve your breakthrough
  • Develop a change management plan and prepare to lead it

Make your breakthrough happen - week 2

You assess the components required for, and risks associated with, successfully bringing your business breakthrough to market. You explore issues of courage and personal effectiveness - both critical to driving organizational change and making your breakthrough happen.

Your focus

  • Assess the requirements and risks associated with going to market
  • Develop a go-to-market execution roadmap
  • Strengthen skills for leading organizational change

A dynamic learning experience

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Once you complete an IMD program, you join IMD’s alumni network, an outstanding global community of global business leaders who will support you long-term.

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