You've reached the top, now where do you go?

As a senior executive you're at the top of your game, you've accumulated the years of experience and you know your organization and products inside and out. But you know that the ever-changing business environment and new technologies could change all that.

It's important not to rest on your laurels, some people may expect you'll stick with the tried and true until it's time to make way - or even perhaps that you'll refuse to make way. But the reality is that as a successful senior executive, you know you still need to deliver high-impact strategy and leadership for your organization.

You need to constantly look at things with a fresh eye, challenge the status quo, and take risks to deliver breakthrough performance. An executive development program created for senior leaders can help you continue to lead your organization well and make game-changing moves.

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Executive Development courses - making the right choice

Not just any executive development program will do, of course. An executive leadership development program that offers true value will build on your strengths and help you overcome challenges to deliver breakthrough performance. Such a senior leadership course should help you to explore and confront key questions for top leaders, for example:

  • What is your organization's business ambition?
  • What are the principle levers for breakthroughs, how can they be orchestrated and sustained?
  • How robust are novel business models given changing economic, technological and regulatory environments?
  • What is executive leadership in today's business world?
  • How can senior executives deliver transformational change?
IMD's Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives - #1 Ranked in Executive Education

The Financial Times ranked IMD #1 in the world for Open Executive Education programs again in 2018, making seven straight years atop the rankings. IMD recognize that senior executives require an executive leadership development program that addresses their unique strategic leadership needs. By creating a leadership development program specifically for this top level, IMD Business School helps senior leaders create exceptional value for their organization by delivering breakthrough performance with immediate business impact. This is the kind of outcome you should expect from a good senior executive leadership development program.

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