"Breakthrough leadership in the new normal"

"Breakthrough leadership in the new normal"

"Breakthrough leadership in the new normal"

June 15 at 11:00 (CEST)
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Join us for a webinar with Prof. Robert Hooijberg

The world around us has changed in dramatic ways. However, our main mandate as leaders remain the same. We still must create value through our people.

During this webinar, Robert Hooijberg, Professor of Organizational Behavior at IMD and BPSE Program Director, will explore how leaders can create value beyond set expectations through their people. He will also address the challenges the new normal brings, and focus on some new avenues of value creation.

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Robert Hooijberg is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at IMD.
He has a PhD from the University of Michigan and teaches at IMD in Lausanne. His areas of special interest are leadership, negotiations, team building, digital transformation and organizational culture.
Robert Hooijberg

Professor of Organizational Behaviour
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