Impacting individuals and companies
The Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives is designed to give participants time to reflect, and refocus their energy on the things that they truly believe in.

*Survey of more than 4,000 alumni 6 months after attending an IMD program (2015-2018)

Discover the impact of the program

Participants and teams from all over the world join this business management and leadership course to build their essential business skills and refocus their energy into what matters for them - discover their leadership journeys.

"I needed to see things differently, the world is evolving"

As Director Sales Development and Marketing at Piguet Galland & Cie, Béatrice talks about how personal changes impacted her business challenges.

"I needed to reinforce my principles and motivation"

Christian joined BPSE and took time to reflect on his challenges and reinforce his belief and vision as a leader of his organization.

"I needed a rethink of what my career should be"

Vibul takes time out to reflect on his career and discuss why workplace dynamics are critital and how leaders should act and react.

"The program really allowed me time to reflect about myself"

Tony discusses the things that leaders don't often think about, and how IMD's these can support and create success in the workplace.

"The program really allowed me time to reflect about myself"

Michellina joined BPSE and focused on developing self motivation and adapting to new environments quickly and efficiently as a leader.

"I was really trying to understand what I wanted out of leadership"

Mark discusses how he learnt to embrace his leadership challenges and balance his personal, work and philanthropic duties during IMD's Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives.

"It helped me translate the theme of breakthrough into my business"

Liam was responsible for a divisional transformation at Delphi and needed time to think, reflect and plan for the implementation of such large scale change.

"The program was an extraordinary learning experience"

With 30 years of service for AkzoNobel, Frank Grootnibbelink was looking for a program to stimulate his career development and progression.