Your learning journey in just 3 steps

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Build your leadership - 6 weeks online learning + coaching

Finding your own leadership voice, identifying how you as an individual can work better with and through others to build personal and team success is a key component of the program. We help you become a better business partner for your organization and find your own unique path to do so.

You combine work and study on this first step of your learning journey, working remotely 4 to 6 hours per week through IMD's state-of-the-art online learning platform. Your learning is highly interactive as you engage with your personal leadership coach, faculty, and peers on a regular basis.

Build your business acumen - 2 weeks on IMD campus

Deepening and integrating your knowledge of core business fundamentals is your next learning goal. For this second step of your journey, you join your peers on campus for two intensive weeks of experiential learning. 

You learn about the 4 pillars of business: finance, marketing & sales, operations and strategy in the context of increasingly relevant business challenges including digital transformation, high-paced innovation, and sustainability.

Leadership in action workshop

Between the two weeks, you take part in a weekend-long workshop where you experiment with different leadership styles. This is your chance to apply your new leadership knowledge and find out what leader you want to be!

Embed your learning with coaching - 6 weeks back at work

Your final learning step is what will create a lasting impact for you and your company. You set out implementing your business and personal development plans back at work guided by a personal executive coach who makes sure you keep on track with the application of your new skills and new business knowledge.