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Amazing things can happen when you get a group of highly intelligent, capable and inspiring women leaders together for an intensive few days. You build deep relationships with complete strangers, you gain deeper insights about yourself as a leader, and you gain a global network of like-minded women leaders you admire and want to work with again. All this within an environment that is safe and full of compassion and support. What more can you ask for?

Niloofar Ghods

Sr. Manager, HR | Cisco Systems | United States

I was promoted right before the SL program and have a lot more responsibilities now. Strategies for Leadership helped me look at things differently, from the viewpoint of my new position.

Ruriko Yoshida

Deputy General Manager | Group Financial Control Department | NSK | Japan

I change my clothes when I get home now to signify changing roles and leave the “Director” in the car. At work, I’m working harder to ensure that my words are congruent with my actions. You can't lead anyone if you are not aligned first.

Felicia Mooty

Director | Nestlé Purina Petcare | United States

I've pursued jobs where I do not meet 100% of the criteria. I engage - without exaggeration, on a daily basis now - in courageous conversations. In fact, I'm often the one launching them! Impact? The program has inspired me to take on a new role as a career coach at the ICRC.

Megan Rock

Career Coach | ICRC | Switzerland

I gained quick and easy tips which I use on an ongoing basis and shared with more junior women in my group. I also took a lot from the coaching sessions which I am applying in my daily life.

Tift Shepherd

Director Legal, Specialty Chemicals | AkzoNobel Legal Group | The Netherlands