Change the way you think
about strategic innovation

Change the way you think about strategic innovation

Change the way you think about strategic innovation

FREE webinar
FREE webinar
Explore full program?
Explore full program?
Driving Strategic Innovation
Victoria Wang, Program Advisor
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Need to achieve high innovative performance throughout the value chain? Do you know which business innovation strategy will accelerate change? 

Then the Driving Strategic Innovation program free webinar is for you!

Navigating today’s business environment requires an appreciation for how innovation comes about, what makes economic or social impact possible, and how an organization’s culture might be developed to support such activities.  Driving Strategic Innovation is a powerful alliance between IMD and MIT Sloan, designed to change the way you think about innovation and technology strategy.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • Your Driving Strategic Innovation program step-by-step
  • How Driving Strategic Innovation relates to your current professional challenges
  • Frequent questions answered in a Q&A session with the Program Director, Bill Fischer and Program Advisors
You are warmly invited to watch this DSI online information session

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Your host
An engineer by training, American by citizenship, New Yorker by birth and attitude, Bill has lived much of his life in Asia and Europe. He co-founded the IMD partnership program Driving Strategic Innovation, in cooperation with the Sloan School of Management at MIT. In 2011, the UK newspaper The Independent named Bill “one of the most influential business tweeters”; and in 2012, named him one of its “Top 50 Innovation Tweeters."
Bill Fischer

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