Come as a team for maximum impact

By joining IMD’s Advanced Management Program as a team, you will accelerate and increase the impact and benefits for your company.

Yes, you will carve out a new big idea for your business, and kick-start your go-to-market plans like all participants, but your outcome will be much deeper than that.

The extra wins you get by joining as a team

  • A united team which looks at the world around them through the same new lenses and understands what this means for your business in terms of opportunities and challenges
  • A committed, aligned and able team ready to take on the challenge of translating a new corporate vision into reality
  • An agile leadership team which has changed the way they work together and explored new creative approaches that will help your company tap into new growth areas
  • Increased individual AND team capabilities to continually reinvent the future

Customize Advanced Management Program for your team

There are many ways in which we can customize the program to suit your needs. Some may imply additional fees. Please contcat a program advisor to discuss all options.