No membership fee. We operate exclusively on volunteer basis, and this is our conscious choice. We want you, Dear IMD Alumni in Russia, to get a feel of what does it mean to be The IMD Alumni. Moreover, we urge you to become The Active Member of The IMD Community and to share your ideas and advise - this is what we need now the most.

Contribution can come in a variety of forms. We encourage alumni who feel passionate about certain topics - those become our Initiative Leaders and drive respective projects. Other alumni support existing initiatives, provide location for events, or make other in-kind contributions such as drinks or food during events. Generosity, professionalism and continuous learning fuel our growth, and now as never we need each and every effort. Suggestions? Contact us at [email protected].

  • If you have already been receiving our emailings, there is no need for further action.
  • If you are not receiving our emailings, you will need to register as a member of our Club (free of charge). Please click on the "Join" button provided on this page or send us an email. All IMD Alumni worldwide are eligible to become a member of our Club.

Please make sure that IMD has a valid email address for you on file. Please visit MyProfile.

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