Alumni are the actors of a professional and powerful Network which extends across the globe. They are the connectors who enable sharing around an invaluable wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas. It is the sum of all individual Alumni who create the strength and the high potential of the Alumni Network. IMD Alumni Clubs create platforms, in the form of events, for the exchange of knowledge and learning to continue to be at the centre of interactions and for building solid business relationships. The events promote the exchange of insights, know how, and networking. On this page, you can follow the journey of Alumni, read more about Alumni Club events, how the knowledge transfer operates and how connections are facilitated by learning events.

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As Alumni, you are best qualified to know the kind of person who would benefit most from an IMD program.

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OWP offers executives the opportunity to hear the latest management thinking on key issues. It is also an exceptional meeting place for executives to share their experiences, ideas and practical approaches to business challenges. It is a wonderful occasion for IMD Alumni to come back on campus.

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