By virtue of having attended an IMD programme in the past, all Alumni resident in Ireland are automatically members of the Alumni Club in Ireland.

We do not currently charge an annual subscription, but rather we charge a small fee to attend each individual event that we hold. These fees are combined with sponsorship income to cover the venue etc. costs associated with each event.

  • If you are based in Ireland, you are automatically on our mailing lists.
  • If you are based outside of Ireland and you would like to be informed about our activities, please join our mailing list. You may do so by clicking on the "Join" button provided here. All IMD Alumni worldwide are eligible to join our mailing lists.

Please make sure that IMD has a valid email address for you on file.

For more information please contact James Bowen.

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Dr. Michael Conry


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This club does not have a membership fee.
To receive information about events and activities, you may join their mailing list.


IMD Alumni Club of Ireland