1 - 2 October, 2021
IMD, Lausanne
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Annual International Alumni Event 2020

A Path to Resilience: Advancing Executive and Organizational Mental Health and Well Being 

The pandemic has left executives and workers exhausted, uncertain about what the future will look like – office, hybrid, remote – and about how to best steer their ships as we advance towards the post-Covid world. The World Health Organization estimates that depression and anxiety – to take just one measurement of mental wellbeing – cost the global economy 1 trillion USD annually in lost productivity. But how can leaders and organizations better care for employees and make them more resilient to workplace stress?

During this year’s alumni event, we will hear from faculty, industry experts and leaders about how to maintain mental health in the workplace. We will analyze problems raised or heightened by the pandemic, and share guidelines for fostering long-term resilience, stimulating innovation and improving productivity and wellbeing.   

Jean-François Manzoni

IMD President and Nestlé Chaired Professor
David Bach

Professor of Strategy and Political Economy and Dean of Innovation and Programs
Vanina Farber

elea Professor of Social Innovation
Peter Wuffli

Honorary Chairman of IMD Foundation Board and Member of the Advisory Board of the elea Center for Social Innovation
Frederic Dalsace

Professor of Marketing and Strategy



Friday October 2nd, 4pm - 7:30pm.
Saturday October 3rd, 9am - 13:30pm.


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