Supercharge your future with advanced leadership training!

As you move ahead after attending IMD's High Performance Leadership (HPL) program, inevitably your challenges will have changed in both your professional and personal life. This is your chance as an HPL alumnus to step back, spend 5 days in a quiet place to reflect, refocus, recharge - and move to the next level of your leadership effectiveness.

Because you all start the program with a common language and ideas, you are quickly ready to explore dynamic new leadership concepts and move your leadership to the next level.

Advanced High Performance Leadership training, is your chance to clarify where you are going as a leader.


Know where you are going as a leader

You begin your 5 days by defining your current situation. You identify any obstacles to reaching a higher level of performance and learn about the latest high performance leadership concepts.

  • Continue on your path towards leadership excellence
  • Refocus your "mind's eye" on updated goals
  • Get new insights to implement your vision of high performance leadership
  • Ensure you are playing to win versus playing not to lose

Learn through a variety of learning and experiential techniques:

  • Self-awareness exercises
  • Intense interaction with other top leaders from around the world
  • Faculty presentations
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • In-depth discussions

You end your 5 days with a renewed action plan and a clear understanding of how to continue your leadership development and inspire the people you lead.


You receive intensive individual and group coaching throughout the program to accelerate the development of your leadership skills.

Optional extra coaching

Extra 1-on-1 coaching is available at the end of the program (fees apply).

Your High Performance Leadership Journey

HPL_AHPL Journey


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