Assess Your Leadership for the Digital Age

Are you an Agile Leader?

It has become evident that leaders require very specific skills and competencies to successfully meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Traditional hallmarks of successful leadership, such as consistency and stability, are becoming less important during periods of market instability and digital disruption. A recent study by IMD and metaBeratung, surveying more than 1,000 global executives, identified four distinctive competencies and three behavioral traits as important for the Agile Leader of today.

The Agile Leader Assessment has been designed in collaboration with Hogan Personality Assessments to evaluate your individual competencies against this new leadership model.


For many years, OSB International has used Hogan instruments in tailor-made leadership programs. Recently, we have become aware of the need for a new type of leader, embodied in the Agile Leadership Assessment. The assessment is built on a solid foundation of research on agility and leadership.

Dr. Jörg Habenicht

Managing Partner, OSB International

Agile Leaders Embody Digital Business Agility

Companies that possess strong digital business agility respond quickly and effectively to emerging threats, seizing new market opportunities before rivals even notice (hyperawareness).

During our research, we examined leaders who scored in the top quartile for each of these digital business agility capabilities.

  1. Hyperaware
  2. Making informed decisions
  3. Executing at speed

Digital Business Agility, as outlined in IMD's award-winning book Digital Vortex, describes that these three capabilities are vital for incumbent companies to compete successfully in turbulent environments. 

Combining HAVE competencies with agile behaviours provides a powerful amplifying effect for Agile Leaders. 


Agile Leader Humility

Hyperaware - Constant scanning of internal and external environments for opportunities and threats.

Agile Leader Adaptability

Making Informed Decisions - Using data and information to make evidence-based decisions.

Agile Leader Visionary

Executing at Speed - Moving quickly, valuing speed over perfection.

Almost every organization I work with is confronted with the question of whether their leaders possess the necessary skills to lead in the digital age. Finally, we have a tool to measure this, and provide developmental recommendations where needed.

Michael Wade

Professor of Innovation & Strategy, Chair in Digital Business Transformation

Partnering with Leaders in Personality Assessment

Our agile leader assessment is built on the Hogan personality assessment model, tapping into a wealth of knowledge and research from the industry leader.  For the past 25 years, Hogan has worked with thousands of organizations to improve their talent management systems.