NEW Online Programs - GLC Fundamentals

NEW Fundamentals option for online programs at IMD

As a busy executive, we recognize the importance of your professional development, and more importantly the impact this can have on your calendar. Starting on the 26th February 2018 we will offer a second study option for our four most popular online programs, introducing the Global Leadership in the Cloud (GLC) Fundamentals.

Building on the success of our 8-week online programs, the GLC Fundamentals allow you to grasp the key concepts and frameworks of business relating to Innovation, Strategy, Digital Disruption and Marketing.

Our Fundamentals courses distil the essence of an 8-week program into 5 weeks of flexible, interactive online learning – the perfect option if you are looking to upskill in your area of expertise within one calendar month. Throughout the five weeks you will learn at your own pace, with flexibility via hand-picked videos and readings chosen by our expert faculty, individual assignments tailored to your professional needs and have the option to join relevant group assignments. An IMD coach provides feedback on specific assignments during this accelerated program, ensuring you quickly learn to transform your knowledge into action.

With over 100,000 alumni and 6 consecutive years at the top of the Financial Times Open Programs ranking, IMD is the #1 place to take your career to the next level. As a top-ranked international business school, IMD has a track record of developing leaders, transforming organizations and creating a tangible positive impact on businesses across the globe. At IMD you will rediscover online learning as an immersive and interactive experience. You will be exposed to the very latest business knowledge in an innovative and easy-to-consume format.

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GLC Fundamentals

*Special offer for IMD Alumni, CHF 3,500

**Special offer for IMD Alumni, CHF 1,750

Being Innovative

Effectively drive innovation in your organization by learning from the lessons of successful innovators, and recognizing the limitations of current managerial models in today’s world of constant change and uncertainty.

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5-week course - 26th February

8-week course - 7th May

Strategic Thinking

You boost your chances of becoming a successful leader of your business unit or organization when you improve your strategic thinking skills. Develop an effective strategy for your business and capture growth opportunities.

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5-week course - 26th February

8-week course - 16th April

Digital Disruption

How confident are you about managing the digital disruption taking place in your industry? This program helps you to better manage digital disruption and navigate through organizational transformation.

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5 week course - 26th February

8 week course - 30th April

Marketing Management

Create real value for your customers and succesfully integrate marketing with other key business functions. Marketers and non marketers will emerge better equipped to meet increasing pressure on contribution margins.

Apply now:

5-week course - 26th February

8-week course - 30th April