Best finance training courses at IMD business school

Sharpen finance skills, maximize value with IMD business school 

Business managers in every type of organization and every function area require sharp finance skills to effectively drive business performance. Whether you’re new to finance or an expert, whether finance is your career focus or one piece of your leadership arsenal, finance programs keep you on top of the latest tools and enhance your strategic decision-making.

IMD business school finance courses are designed to firmly integrate your learning with a mix of theory and practice, as well as real-world case studies and simulations. Led by internationally-recognized experts, our programs expose you to new ideas and fresh perspectives to boost your finance acuity on the job, every day. 

Boost finance performance and create value for your company. See our finance programs below:

Strategic Finance
for senior leaders to refine skills

Senior business leaders refine existing strategic finance skills in this on-campus program designed and led by experts. A complete review of capabilities serves as the starting point of an experiential learning journey – including an M&A simulation – that polishes your capacity to create value for your company and boost financial performance.

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Finance Fundamentals for Executives
to solidify finance capacity in any function area

Designed for non-finance managers in any function area, this 100% online finance course solidifies your knowledge of fundamentals. You’ll address key accounting concepts and be guided by experts through the learning pillars that enable you to make good financial decisions and maximize value.

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