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200x100_WCCproducts linkButton IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook

The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook is the leading annual report on the competitiveness of nations and has been published by IMD since 1989. It benchmarks the performance of 61 countries based on more than 340 criteria measuring different facets of competitiveness.

Quest - Leading Global Transformations linkButton Quest

This book identifies and addresses the seven transformation journeys that are reshaping corporations today. It integrates and builds on the collective experience and learning of IMD's professors, who work directly with many organizations around the world and observe their transformation struggles at close range.

The Globalization Capability Gap linkButton The Globalization Capability Gap

Despite high aspirations, few companies are ready to build and run truly global organizations and operations, according to this Global Readiness Survey, conducted jointly by BCG and IMD business school.

Publications-200x100_Book linkButton Books

IMD Faculty has a long tradition of writing successful management books.

TC_2-200x100 linkButton Tomorrow's Challenges

These articles report the results of IMD Faculty research on state-of-the-art management practice across a wide spectrum of business functions.

In The Field linkButton In the Field

IMD Faculty and researchers spend significant time with companies conducting field research. This series makes the link between these companies' endeavors and the broader management implications for executives.

Publications-200x100_Case-study linkButton Case studies

IMD publishes over 100 international cases for executive audiences per year.

insights-200x100 linkButton insights@IMD

insights@IMD explore a variety of current research topics. In these four-page illustrated publications, we aim to reflect both IMD professors' experience and participants' input, promoting IMD's pragmatic approach to research.

Publications-200x100_PFM linkButton Perspectives for Managers

Perspectives for Managers (PFM) reports the results of IMD Faculty research and offer new ideas and original thinking on business practices.

Publications-200x100_Working-paper linkButton Working papers

The Working Paper Series is a reflection of IMD’s contributions to the managerial literature.


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