IMD furthers its research to specific and relevant initiatives, based on the insights gained from its academic research and its close collaboration with industry.

The goal is to develop innovative solutions and materials for leaders and help them apply new concepts to deal with the key challenges they are facing in their own business.

Major trends are fundamentally reshaping the global business, social and economic landscape: Technology is revolutionizing the way business is conducted. The global economy is becoming increasingly interconnected through networks that span geographic boundaries, industries, social groups and organizations. There is a fundamental shift in the economic center of gravity. Concerns about the environment and the overall relationship between business and society are on the rise and new generations of employees and consumers are challenging the ways people live and work – and what they expect in the future. As a result of these and other trends, organizations are facing growing uncertainty andvolatility on all fronts.

Putting off identifying and addressing the challenges the future is no longer an option for businesses and their leaders today. However the difficulty is putting the complex megatrends that are reshaping our world into some sort of understandable framework that organizations and leaders can use to begin preparing their organizations, their leadership teams and themselves for sustainable, long-term success. IMD’s research initiative Leading in a Connected Future (LCF) is focused on building an understanding of major long term trends that are impacting our world and our businesses and supporting leaders in taking concrete actions today to prepare for the future.

LCF Builds on a research base involving interviews with more than 150 CEOs and other top leaders from around the world. The focus of LCF is on what actions must senior leaders take today to prepare their organizations—and themselves—for the challenges they will face in period 5-10 years in the future.

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