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Most governance research and education focuses on executive control - but misses the active role of boards in contributing to the company's management and governance. The IMD Global Board Center takes a different approach, with the express aim of developing boards into the competitive advantage that the complexity of today's world requires. Both our research and education portfolio seek to strengthen the ability of board members to support, challenge and govern their company and its executives.

Opening up new perspectives by:

Providing a 360° view, sharing knowledge, and providing counterbalance and monitoring.

Our approach is not abstract or rules based, nor wedded to any particular governance system. It is about developing boards into a key asset for sustainable success. IMD research indicates that board practices are not always attuned to the new responsibilities demanded by today's business environment. In particular, boards often fail to perform well on:

  • Focus and dedication
  • Information architecture (formal and informal)
  • Structures and processes
  • Group dynamics/governance culture (within the board and with the CEO)
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Our knowledge database:

  • Board and Strategy

    Board and Strategy

    By Didier Cossin & Estelle Metayer

    Boards are ultimately responsible for the long term success of their organizations. This means that strategy cannot be neglected; it must be one of the central elements of the board's activities. read more (PDF)

  • Innovation Governance: How Proactive is your Board?

    Innovation Governance: How Proactive is your Board?

    By Professor Jean-Philippe Deschamps

    All global business and technology trends point in the same direction: there is a need for more proactive and far-sighted management of innovation. Innovation governance - a holistic approach to steering, promoting and sustaining innovation. read more (PDF)

  • Inspiring Stewardship

    Inspiring Stewardship

    by IMD Professor Didier Cossin and Ong Boon Hwee

    Inspiring Stewardship helps leaders drive sustainable development and growth by balancing short- and long-term objectives amidst competing interests. By examining a range of exceptional individual and organisational stewards alongside insights from quantitative studies, this book unlocks the contributions you can make to enhance your influence and secure your legacy. read more (PDF)

  • Inspiring the Active Chairperson

    Inspiring the Active Chairperson

    A compilation of thought leadership knowledge articles for Active Chairperson and Board Member. read more (PDF)

  • Stewardship


    By Didier Cossin, Ong Boon Hwee and Sophie Coughlan

    Fostering Responsible Long-Term Wealth Creation read more (PDF)

  • The Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness

    The Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness

    By Didier Cossin & José Caballero

    Corporate events in the last decade have made it clear that boards can fail. Failure has come in various disguises: failure to manage risks, to proactively contribute to firm strategy, to identify the 'right' team, and in some cases, to deal... read more (PDF)

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