IMD International
MBA Program

Personal & Leadership Development

Combine classroom interactions and experimental learning with individual reflection and optimal, highly valued, psychoanalytical testing and coaching.


Technical competence and knowledge
Put your skills into context and develop your ability to work with multiple types of organizations and people of different functional backgrounds to achieve your goals.

Awareness of self and context
Understand and develop your personal capacity to exercise leadership responsibly. Identify your strengths and develop your self-awareness, independent judgment and values.

Moral judgement
Explore leadership challenges and the moral dimensions of managerial dilemmas.

"When I started the IMD MBA I believed the personal development elective (PDE) to be one among the other high quality classes. However, it has turned out to be more: it is a life-changing experience. The PDE is made up of 20 meetings with a trained psychoanalyst, spread throughout the year - only halfway through, I have already had the chance to deep dive into my past to see how specific events have shaped my present behaviours. I have found invaluable the effects on group dynamics and my leadership skills."
Alarico Allegri, Class of 2014


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